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Hi, everyone, this post is part information about a new resource and part shameless self-promotion, so consider yourself forewarned! Ann Clark (you know, that famous US-based cookie cutter company) has launched a new blog and series within that blog called "Superhero of Sweets", where they aim to feature cookiers and other sugar artists on a regular basis. Their goal is to heighten awareness of our craft and those who contribute to it. I think it will be a great resource to members here,...Read More...
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Hi, all, just a quick update on my namesake cookie contest at Kerry Vincent's famed Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) , September 30 (set-up day) to October 2, 2016. Just today, I upped the ante on prizes in "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" to a grand total of $1,750 in cash , with $1,000, $500, and $250 going to the first, second, and third place winners, respectively. Challenges and contests are a great way to learn and enhance your skills (and perhaps earn a little extra...Read More...

Adding Meringue Powder to Royal Icing to Speed Drying?

Okay, all . . . I was just sitting here with my mind wandering about icing, since I have a batch of cookies patiently waiting for me. I use Julia's RI recipe with pasteurized egg whites. It always turns out just dandy for me, howeeevvveeerrr . . . I am wondering what would happen if I added say about 2 tablespoons or so of meringue powder. No water, just meringue powder. Since that's what makes the icing harden (I think), wouldn't it make it harden a bit faster? Has anyone tried this yet,...Read More...
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