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Commercial Convection Oven Woes

I'm using a commercial convection oven for the first time, and I am having an issue with my cookies browning on the edges but the centers of the cookies are opaque! I have rebaked several pans of cookies today - it's so frustrating! I have checked the oven temp. And it is accurate. I chill the dough, rotate the pans . . . why is this happening? Thanks !Read More...
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Hi, everyone! Don't forget - we've got an excellent live chat next Saturday, August 26, with Cookie Connection contributor @Manu, author of our awesome " Made by Manu " cookie tutorial series . Want to know how to write a great cookie tutorial? Well, she can tell you that (and many other cookie things)! You won't want to miss this chat, so be sure to bookmark her chat room link . If you can't make the chat at the appointed time, no worries! You can log advance...Read More...
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Images Turning Green Over Time

Can anyone speak to why printed images on fondant turn a green color after a week? I am placing them on royal frosting with thinned corn syrup. Would placing the image on a thin layer of fondant be better? Is the corn syrup the problem? Or . . . is the changing of colors just something that happens over time?Read More...
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Hey, everyone! Just quick reminder that August 24 is the filing deadline for entry forms into my namesake cookie competition (Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition) at Kerry Vincent's annual Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) , which runs from September 30 to October 1, 2017. As you probably know, I'm a huge proponent of challenges and competitions as a way to test skills and push oneself to new heights, so I sincerely hope you will consider entering. Not only do you reap the rewards...Read More...

A New Cookie Competition in the Show Me State!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! I wanted to bring your attention to a new sweets convention, debuting for the first time in my home city and state of St. Louis, Missouri. It is called "Show Me Sweets", and it is taking place for one day, Sunday, October 22, at the St. Louis City Center Hotel. There's a ton happening at this event - everything from competitions and classes to demos and vendors, all of which you can read about here . But it's the cookie competition that I wanted to talk to you about...Read More...
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