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General Packaging Advice

Hello! I'm new to the forums and new to the cookie business (custom decorated sugar cookies with royal icing). I'm really struggling with figuring out the best way to package my cookies and was hoping to get some advice on how others do it. I've searched the forum and have some good ideas, but have a couple of specific questions I couldn't really find an answer to: 1) I purchased a heat sealer and have been individually wrapping my cookies for orders where they'll be handed out individually...Read More...
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Poly Shrink Bags

Homemade for Heroes
Kinda long . . . Question at the end if you just want to skip to it. I make hand drawn cookies for the military. I do it as a thank you. I don’t sell or take orders and it’s all out of pocket. I am continually floored by the generosity and kindness of the people I’ve met on this journey. Saturday there was a knock on the door and a package left. I hadn’t ordered anything so thought it was a goodie from my son overseas. It was not. It was 500 individual bags for cookies. I was confused, as I...Read More...
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Fabricake (UK) Recall of Rolkem Super Gold/Special Rose Gold

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Marie Elgaard
(Not entirely sure where to post this; many apols if it's in the wrong place.) I just heard this morning that Fabricake Sugarcraft Ltd in the UK is recalling Rolkem Super Gold and Special Rose Gold. This only affects these two products, and they are refunding these two product lines if you bought from them (you'll need to return). It affects all sizes, batches and best before-dates. I will post the info and the link to the Food Standards Agency.Read More...
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LilaLoa's Latest "Expert Q & A" Blog is Out!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! As I mentioned about a month ago, several cookie decorators and I are participating in an "Experts Q & A" forum on @LilaLoa's blog. Each month, Georganne asks us a different question about cookie decorating, and you get the chance to see how similar (or different) our answers might be. I'm learning a lot just by reading the others' responses, and I thought you would too, which is why I'll be sharing Georganne's post here each month. This time, we were asked...Read More...
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