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CK Meringue Powder

Hi, I am having issues since the last couple of days with my royal icing. I always use CK brand and use the same recipe and never had a problem like this. When the icing is mixed, I see beige dots or pieces through out the icing and when I try to pipe, it gets stuck in my tips. They are tiny but never before has this happened. Anyone experienced this before or what am I doing wrong? Thanks AsmitaRead More...
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Greetings from France!

Hi there! I am a French archaeologist and discovered cookie decorating very recently, less than a month ago. I actually wanted to bake a thematic cake for my best friend's PhD defense, and while looking up designs online, found some incredible buttercream piping. I really wanted to try my hand at it, but I HATE buttercream with a passion, so I looked up alternatives and found cookie decorating, which I had literally never heard of before. A look at one of Julia's videos, and the revelation...Read More...
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Site Downtime NOW on January 12, 2018!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone. My tech partner will be doing maintenance on the systems that power Cookie Connection for the purpose of maintaining and improving the security and stability of this site. This maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, January 9, 2018 Friday, January 12, 2018 from 11:00 am until 11:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. During the maintenance period, there will be occasional outages of up to 30 seconds, but Cookie Connection will be functioning normally for the vast majority of this...Read More...


Kristina Rado
Hi, my name is Kristina Rado. I am of Hungarian origin but have been living in Italy for many years now. I teach royal icing internationally and decorate cookies with different techniques, where royal icing is always the protagonist. I really love painting as well. Generally my cookies are always small sized with tiny little details. Thank you!Read More...
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Hi, all! Please don't forget! There's just one more week to thank your favorite cookie decorators for inspiring you throughout 2017. We are continuing to accept nominations for Cookie Artist and Cookier of the Year through January 13, and we need your input to help determine a slate of finalists . Please read all about our awards program here , and then submit your nominations here . In addition to earning bragging rights and social media stardom , Cookiers' Choice Awards winners will each...Read More...
Hi, all! Lots of folks have joined the site over the holidays, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware that Cookie Connection contributor @Bakerloo Station (aka Christine Donnelly) runs bimonthly cookie decorating challenges to help stretch our skills and creativity! The current one involves reaching out to a cookie decorator and learning a skill from him/her, and then turning that learning into a cookie or cookie set of your own design. Basically a cookie (skills) swap! You...Read More...