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Toolbox Talk: Flour

This Toolbox Talk tackles an ingredient that is so fundamental to rolled cookie recipes that maybe it should have been the first in this series. I'm talking about flour, people! Even an ingredient as common as flour has its differences around the world, which impact baking results...

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NEW Craftsy Class with Stephanie Kappel

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I wanted to alert you to a new Craftsy class by @Stephanie Kappel of Hungry Hippopotamus. I haven't viewed her class yet, but it seems to cover - in great detail - writing with royal icing (every cookie decorator's nemesis), along with many other things! I've also seen her work in person, and it is stunning, so I imagine her classwork in this course is no less. I encourage you to check out Stephanie's new class via this link , or via any of the links you see in the...Read More...
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Saturday Spotlight: Delayed!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I am teaching straight for the next several days, so the Saturday Spotlight , which is in process, will be a bit delayed. It's a feature of the amazing 2017 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show winners, and promises to be a good one. Stay tuned!Read More...


Do any of you struggle over the fact that (IMHO) sugar cookies with royal icing do not taste good! They look so gorgeous, but I think they taste awful! I struggle with the fact that I like the way they look, but do not enjoy eating them. I guess my waistline says thank you . Am I the only one who feels this way?? TYIARead More...
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Metallic Paint on Royal Icing Transfers

i have some metallic food paint that I want to paint my transfer with before I place it in the wet royal icing on my cookie. Has anyone tried this? I am curious if the metallic paint will bleed into the wet foundation. I thought it might be easier than painting so many after they are on the cookie and trying to stay in the lines.Read More...
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