Saturday Spotlight: CookieCon 2017 Sugar Show Recap


Well, all reports from CookieCon 2017 say that it was the best CookieCon ever, and from the looks of the Sugar Show winners, I'd say those reports are right!

Thanks to Karen and Mike Summers, co-hosts and organizers of CookieCon, I've got photos of all of the winning entries in each of the four show categories (Cinema, Food & Beverage, Anything Goes, and Mystery Shape), as well as the seven instructors' and keynote speaker's fave picks! And this week's Spotlight is featuring them all!

So settle into this post with a nice glass of wine or coffee (depending on your time zone) and prepare to be dazzled! Reviewing this post could very well be the next best thing to attending CookieCon in the flesh!





Food & Beverage


Anything Goes


Mystery Shape


Instructors' and Keynote Speaker's Choices


Wonderfully creative and so well deserved! Congrats to all of the Sugar Show winners!

Also to note: CookieCon hosted an epic collaboration called Cookie Town, which drew more than 200 entries and resulted in the largest community ever constructed from cookies. Thanks to CookieCon Correspondent @Beverly Parker, we also have many great photos of the assembled collaboration in our "CookieCon Coverage" clip set, so check them out!

Stay tuned for next week's Spotlight, where @Bakerloo Station will feature the honorees in our Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #21. If you haven't yet entered, get cracking - it closes tomorrow! 

Credits: All cookie designs copyright of the artists listed; all photos courtesy of CookieCon


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Thank you for the coverage! Cookie Con was an amazing experience and now I can't imagine life without it! Every submission in the sugar show was incredible and individualistic. I was so happy that I was able to submit an entry. Cookie town was beyond amazing once it was assembled. Amazing. Life changing.

Manu posted:

Amazing cookies for an amazing event!

Congrats to each one of the honorees, each cookie is a little masterpiece.

Special congrats to Arlene @Chua Cookie, Karine @Le Monnier du Biscuit and @Ann Murad (Suburban Madmom).

Thank you so much Manu! You are one of the first international "virtual" cookie friend I ever made thanks to Cookie Connection! Thank you for supporting me on my cookie journey! I hope to see you one day, perhaps at CookieCon! Xoxo

Cookiecon is  an unmissable  event, and the sugar show is my favorite part! See my cookies alongside these masterpieces is such a great experience! Cookiers are so creative and very unique. I really enjoyed the mystery shape category! Who could believe a fox cutter could be so many different things! I was very moved and honored that my cookies were chosen by Katy Metoyer! Thanks to everyone who participated in the sugar show, it's a great and fun challenge.