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Well, I thought spring had sprung here in St. Louis . . . As recently as yesterday, the thermometer was hovering around 70 degrees, and the daffodils and magnolias, so weighty with blooms, were straining their branches and stems. But, alas, I awoke to a brisk 30-degree morn with snow on the ground! While I didn't mind donning my winter boots and coat once again, I did take issue with Mother Nature when I saw all of my once-lush magnolias turned limp and brown. Harrumph!

Thankfully, spring has arrived here on Cookie Connection, and your cookie versions of flowers, birds, and other Easter-y things have distracted me from my magnolia debacle. I must say, I'd be content to stay staring at this week's hot list* until the last of winter melts away!

Congrats to all of those honored this week - your work is gorgeous!

#1: Fun with Lace by Manu
#1 - Fun with Lace by Manu

#2: Hello Spring! by Manu
#2 - Hello Spring! by Manu

#3: Blue Birds and Eggs by mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)
#3 - Blue Birds and Eggs by mintlemonade (cookie crumbs)

#4: Easter Bunny Cookies by Evelindecora
#4 - Easter Bunny Cookies by Evelindecora

#5: Galleta Cartera by Jackie Rodriguez
#5 - Galleta Cartera by Jackie Rodriguez

#6: Piped Lace Cookies by Masumi
#6 - Piped Lace Cookies by Masumi

#7: Easter Bunny Cookies by Tina at Sugar Wishes
#7 - Easter Bunny Cookies by Tina at Sugar Wishes

#8: Easter Eggs by heidijo [EDITOR'S NOTE: Woo hoo! Still on the hot list, two weeks in a row!]
#8 - Easter Eggs by heidijo

#9: Easter Set by Libuša Bartošová
#9 - Easter Set by Libuša Bartošová

And, last but not least . . .

#10: Easter by E. Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI
#10 - Easter by E. Kiszowara MOJE PIERNIKI

Happy spring, everyone! Stay tuned for next week - instead of the usual Spotlight, I'll be doing a comprehensive recap of the Sugar Show at CookieCon 2017!

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Manu posted:

It is such a joy to have both of my cookie sets featured, thanks to every fellow cookier that viewed, liked and left a comment. Thank you, @Julia M. Usher, for the honor of the cover photo.

Congrats to all the cookie friends featured!

It's amazing Manu! You deserve it, you have outdone yourself with these ingenious sets, can't stop admiring them! Happy Sunday!!!

What a marvelous surprise to have been spotlighted this week with such beautiful cookies! 

I should thank Evelin for trusting me enough to do this little collaboration with her.  

Mostly, thank you Julia for honoring my cookies.  

Wishing everyone a beautiful Spring!