Saturday Spotlight: Top Ten First-Timers


Phew! It's been a busy start of 2017 here on Cookie Connection. Just this past month, we had the largest month-to-month increase in membership since March 2015 with 260 new members joining us. Hello, everyone! It's great to have so many new faces here and to see that interest in decorated cookies is still booming!

Now, typically, most newbies lay low for a bit, taking time to browse and get acclimated with the site before they post, which is completely understandable, BTW. But, this month (heck, even in the past week), we seem to have had a record number of newcomers dive in headfirst, with some amazing posts to boot! 

To honor these fearless first-timers, I decided to dedicate this entire Spotlight to some of our most prolific new posters in the last couple of weeks. If you're a Cookie Connection veteran, please take a moment not only to ooh and ahh over their work, but also to bid a warm welcome to those featured here.

And now for this week's honorees, in no particular order . . .

Handpainted Heart by E. KiszowaraHandpainted Heart by E. Kiszowara

Bunny with Balloons by Mac Cake ArtBunny with Balloons by Mac Cake Art

Vera the Mouse by Maria KonnatVera the Mouse by Maria Konnat

Milk & Honey by GingerbreadFairyMilk & Honey by GingerbreadFairy

Bulldog by Angela Soler MasipBulldog by Angela Soler Masip

Valentine's Day Cookies by Le Sucre. JuneValentine's Day Cookies by Le Sucre. June

Winter by E. KiszowaraWinter by E. Kiszowara

Conejo y Sus Zanahorias by Mac Cake ArtConejo y Sus Zanahorias by Mac Cake Art

Bouquet by GingerbreadFairyBouquet by GingerbreadFairy

Shaphira Dragon by Angela Soler MasipShaphira Dragon by Angela Soler Masip

Congrats again to these first-timers on their stunning inaugural posts! I look forward to seeing much more of their work in the coming weeks - and hope the other 200-some members who joined us in January will be spurred to dive in soon. Even if you're just starting to dabble with decorating, we'd all love to see your work too! 

All photos shown here are the courtesy (and copyright) of the designers listed.

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I knew it ,I just knew it. They were going to make the top 10. They were amazing first postings . Congratulations to you all. I'd like to also congratulate all 260 newcomers. You're definitely in the right place and I'll be looking forward to all yours postings

Congrats to all newbies who have jumped in with both feet!! Your work is truly inspiring and you are all gifted artists. I hope you enjoy the site and community of cookiers as much as I do .

A very warm welcome to each and every cookier who has recently joined Cookie Connection!