Technique Troubleshooting

Undeniably the cornerstone of cookie decorating, outlining and flooding are crucial to master before you start layering on other techniques. Still trying to figure them out? Ask here.

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Aside from marbling, there are many other effects and designs possible with the wet-on-wet technique. Chat about them, and their challenges, in this forum.

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Is your marbling a mess of bleeding colors and randomness? Learn how to make the most of marbling here!

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Kopykake has been a great addition to cookiers' tool kits, but there are other ways to project and trace images too. This is the spot to talk about the various options, their pros and cons, and other nuances.

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Struggling with stenciling? Or do you consider yourself a stenciling expert with lots of tips to share? Either way, don't hold back!

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So you caved to peer pressure and bought that airbrush, eh? And you still have no idea what to do with it, double-eh? We thought so!  Ask away!

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Rubber-stamping is a great way to add intricate detail to cookies - and fast! Share tips for getting the sharpest, most perfect stamped effects here.

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What the heck is the difference between wafer paper and frosting sheets? Where can you get pre-printed papers, and how can you print your own? These are just some of the topics that are fair game in this forum!

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Looking for tips to help hone your handpainted cookies? Whether your preferred paint is thinned icing, food coloring, or decorative powders extended with alcohol or extract, this is the place to seek and give painting pointers.

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Want to give your cookies a lift - literally?! Here's the place to share the ins and outs of getting cookies to stand up and into other 3-D shapes. This is an especially good place to post questions related to gingerbread houses and other gingerbread constructions.

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Got a clever decorating tip that you think the cookie world should know? Share it here, along with photos if you've got them!

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Can't find tips for the technique that's troubling you in another forum? Or facing a design dilemma and need some immediate advice? Hammer it out here.

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