A Light of Nature
3-D Cookie Project

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Hi everyone!
Today it’s a big day for me, and I want to share with you! This is my latest cookie project, part of the cookie set called “A light of nature”. I aimed for realism, and a natural enviroment/theme, something rustic, natural, and beautiful at the same time ��
First time working with isomalt and it was such a pleasure! It’s such a magnificent element to work with, and it looks very natural with the mini waves and movement that I added to the water.


The fish and lotus leaves/flowers are made of royal icing transfers.


The stones (on the edges), and base is white colored cookie dough, and the embossed stones on the bottom are made by texturizing the cookie before baking it. Dusted with 4 shades of green and gray in petal dust. I also added some natural touches of vines, leaves and moss in royal icing.


I really hope you like it! Big hugs for everyone ����




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Julia M. Usher posted:

This is great! And super realistic! Thanks for all of the technique details as well - very helpful. Just curious - how big is the entire pool?

Thank you so much, Julia! The whole pool is around 11 inches (27 cms). Quite big!