Wisteria and Butterflies, A Honeycat Cookies Tutorial
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #28

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Wisteria gros plan

The tutorial I have chosen for my challenge entry is the lovely "Wisteria and butterflies" tutorial by @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies). My garden wisteria has just finished blooming, and after my own take on wisteria last week, I thought it interesting to see how somebody else had "cookified" this flower. And clearly, I am not the only one with wisteria on my mind: @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies) herself has just reposted today pictures of these cookies on her Instagram!

Here is the link to the tutorial: http://cookieconnection.juliau...eria-and-butterflies

This tutorial is classified as intermediate, but reading it and watching the video, I was thinking they looked really difficult - all that detailed wet-on-wet work! I was relieved to find they were actually easier than I had anticipated, and are in the scope of any intermediate-skilled cookie decorator such as me.

Which does not mean I did not encounter any issues: the flood icing of my first cookie  dripped off when I added the wet-on-wet design... (And my medium blue was way too dark, and my yellow too green.)

DSC02519After this mistake, I adjusted my colors, but most importantly let my piped outline dry for half an hour before piping the cookie - this alleviated any further overflow, but makes the edges less neat. 

I did not make any adjustments to Honeycat's design - the only thing I changed was that I piped color-by-color, and not flower-by-flower as she recommends. Piping all three flowers on the cookie with a single pass with each color ended up being way faster for me! I also drew the black designs on the butterfly transfers with an edible marker instead of handpainting them because I could not find a fine enough brush.

And once again, I found the hardest part of it all was photographing the set! 


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Thanks @Heather Bruce Sosa @pip @CHELY Morales @Econlady @carouselselsel @Marie Elgaard @Dolce Flo for all your kind comments! I had fun making these, and hope Lucy won't be too horrified by the results.  And I also hope we'll be seeing more entries in the challenge soon - there haven't been many participants yet! (Though fewer participants means higher chances of me winning the draw...! )

I was so impressed when I saw your cookies, Annelise! Those wet-on- wet wisterias are just perfect. You are surely talented. 

I also read that you couldn’t find a brush fine enough. Recently I found these (I am not payed to endorse this brand, but they are fine and food safe. I linked to the first image that popped up when I googled them).