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Don't Forget Our Live Chat with Manu: August 26

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! Don't forget - we've got an excellent live chat next Saturday, August 26, with Cookie Connection contributor @Manu, author of our awesome " Made by Manu " cookie tutorial series . Want to know how to write a great cookie tutorial? Well, she can tell you that (and many other cookie things)! You won't want to miss this chat, so be sure to bookmark her chat room link . If you can't make the chat at the appointed time, no worries! You can log advance...Read More...
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Say Hello to Our August Site Artist

Julia M. Usher
[EDITOR'S NOTE: Hi, all! I realize I'm a few days early with this post, but I'll be leaving town in the next two days, and I wanted to make sure the site art was refreshed before I left. Please enjoy!] The changing of the months and seasons is always fun when marked by stunning cookies! And I must say, this month's featured cookies by Miki Shibasaki of @Miki@Atelier Detour are real stunners. From the nautical color scheme and the flawless icing to the exacting arrangement of...Read More...
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Mark Your Calendars for Our August Live Chat with Manu!

Julia M. Usher
I'm calling our next chat "Meet-up with Manu," because you're going to have the special opportunity to get to know our very own Cookie Connection contributor , Manuela Pezzopane (aka Manu), that much better. As one of our very fine tutorialists, she's in the perfect position to tell us all about what goes into writing and photographing a great cookie tutorial. She, of course, will also be ready to share tips about how she conceives of and executes her marvelously unique cookie designs. I...Read More...
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How to Edit or Delete Your Own Content

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, I've been receiving an unusually large number of questions about how members can edit or delete their own content. It's super important for you to know how to do this, as I typically do not edit posts for people, unless I happen to see a misclassified image or other typo. It can also take me several hours to days to respond to site inquiries like this, as I work several other jobs. That being said, your surest bet for getting a quick answer is to familiarize yourself with our site...Read More...

Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, regrettably, I've recently had to delete some images from challenges and other areas of the site due to lack of compliance with Rule #8 of our posting guidelines, which states that artwork (including characters, from Disney, Hasbro, etc.) cannot be copied and posted here without permission from the creator : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST In response to those deletions, some members have asked me why so many licensed character cookies exist on the site,...Read More...
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Adjusting Your Email Notifications

Julia M. Usher
We all have different email-reading tastes, so  Cookie Connection has been designed to allow for everyone's individual differences!    The site's default email notifications are set to show you most of the site info that you could get...Read More...

Posting Images - Please Read Before You Post!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Before posting images or videos to the Clips area, please review the site's Terms of Use , as well as all of the following posting rules. They are designed to give your images more visibility on the site, to make sure artists are given proper credit for design inspiration and/or source artwork, and to avoid copyright violations. I'll start with the easy cataloging stuff first . . . 1. Be sure to edit the main photo title so it's descriptive of the cookie . Many people are uploading...Read More...
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Sneak Peek at 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards Trophies

Julia M. Usher
Hey, all! Just a brief "human interest" post! As you all probably know, we recently announced the winners of our 2016 Cookiers' Choice Awards . They'll each receive a $500 cash prize in addition to a commemorative "trophy", which is a custom-engraved Waterford Crystal vase! All four vases just arrived today (so, winners: they'll be in the mail in a couple of days). I couldn't be happier with how they turned out, so I thought I'd share: Congrats again to our 2016 winners! Hopefully, this...Read More...

Winner of Julia's Prettier Plaques Stencil Giveaway!

Julia M. Usher
As you may or may not know, I recently launched a new stencil line in partnership with Stencil Ease, the country's largest stencil manufacturer. A small sampling of the stencils in my first Prettier Plaques TM series is shown here: In celebration of that launch, Stencil Ease and I ran a giveaway of $200 worth of my stencils (or stencil accessories), and that giveaway just closed at the stroke of midnight! We had a stunning 4,870 total entries from people spanning the globe! From those...Read More...
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Last Call! $200 Stencil Giveaway Closes in 24 Hours!

Julia M. Usher
Last call! My stencil launch giveaway ends in 24 hours (December 7, 12 am CT). Don't delay! One lucky person will win $200 worth of my new stencils designed in partnership with stencilease.com ! Enter giveaway here : http://tinyurl.com/zj5htob Purchase stencils now : http://www.stencilease.com/juliausher.htm Here's a small sample of what you can make with my layered Prettier Plaques TM sets:Read More...

Cake Masters Cookie Award Winner Announced!

Julia M. Usher
As promised, I'm back with an announcement of the Cake Masters Cookie Award winner, who was revealed last night at Cake International in Birmingham, England, but only a couple of hours ago on the Cake Masters Facebook page . So the news is hot off the press for most of us! As a reminder, there were four very deserving Cookie Connection members - @Evelindecora, @swissophie, @SweetAmbs, and @Dolce Sentire - up for the Cookie...Read More...
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Hey, all! Just a reminder that the Cake Masters Magazine Awards take place tomorrow night in Birmingham, England at the Cake International show. There are four Cookie Connection members - @Evelindecora, @swissophie, @SweetAmbs, and @Dolce Sentire - up for the Cookie Award! (Congrats again, ladies!) Winners typically get announced on the Cake Masters Awards Facebook page throughout the night, so you can follow the fun there!Read More...
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Hi, all! As I mentioned in an earlier post , several Cookie Connection members were nominated for the first-ever Edible Artists Global Awards (EAGA), which honor excellence in various categories of the edible arts. (To read more about the mission of the EAGA, click here .) Well, just today, the EAGA judges whittled down the long lists of nominees to finalists in each of seven "Most Inspiring" awards categories and a "Most Innovative Product" category. Congrats to Cookie Connection member...Read More...
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My Go Bo! Cookies Are Getting Auctioned!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: As I - Julia - noted in an earlier forum topic , the online cookie auctions in support of the Go Bo! Foundation are now starting and running through October 9, 2016.] You can buy this set of cookies, and many more!!! All info can be found here: http://www.gobobakesale.com/go...ons-and-flash-sales/ THANK YOU VERY MUCH, Evelindecora ❤️Read More...
Hi, all! If you can't attend the actual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale (October 14-16, 2016) organized annually by Jill FCS, you can participate through online auctions and flash sales conducted by @Anita Sweet Hope (Anita at Sweet Hope Cookies) starting today and running through October 9, 2016. For more information about how to bid online (they've got some fabulous cookies they're auctioning from all over the world!), click here . Please direct all inquiries to Jill at...Read More...
Hi, again! Just so you all know, there is another all-encompassing sugar arts awards program (in addition to the Cake Masters ' one) that's running for the first time this year. It's called the EAGA (Edible Artists Global Awards), and you can find more info here . Unlike the Cake Masters ' program, they do no have a cookie category per se, but they do have a royal icing category for which a couple of cookie artists (most notably, our very own contributor @Dolce Sentire) have...Read More...

Fifth Annual Go Bo! Bake Sale Registration is Now Open!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, just a heads-up that the Fifth Annual Go Bo! Bake Sale is from October 14 -16, 2016, and registration (for donating cookies and baked goods to the cause) just opened today. You can find out more about the Go Bo! cause and register on the new Go Bo! site, here . You can also read our recent post about it here , and follow the event on our event calendar here .Read More...
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Hi, all, just a quick reminder that September 1, 2016 is that last day to file an entry form for my namesake decorated cookie contest at Kerry Vincent's famed Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) , which runs from September 30 (set-up day) to October 2, 2016. Entering is a great way to hone decorating skills, but also an opportunity to win - and win BIG! In fact, just recently, I upped the ante on prizes in "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" to a grand total of $1,750 in cash ,...Read More...

Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale is Right Around the Corner!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Just a heads up that the Fifth Annual Go Bo! Foundation Bake Sale, organized by Jill FCS, is right around the corner - from October 14 to 16, to be exact. It's for a great cause (which you can read about here ) and also great fun, so please consider participating! Donor registration will be open via Jill's new site on September 6, 2016 . In the meantime, she recommends that you start thinking about your cookie designs (Halloween, fall, or kid-friendly themes), as the deadline for...Read More...
Hi, all, just a quick update on my namesake cookie contest at Kerry Vincent's famed Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS) , September 30 (set-up day) to October 2, 2016. Just today, I upped the ante on prizes in "Julia Usher's Decorated Cookie Competition" to a grand total of $1,750 in cash , with $1,000, $500, and $250 going to the first, second, and third place winners, respectively. Challenges and contests are a great way to learn and enhance your skills (and perhaps earn a little extra...Read More...

Cake Masters Magazine Awards Nominations - Open on Saturday!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! One final, quick pre-vacation announcement: Cake Masters Magazine announced today that nominations for their 2016 awards, which include a Cookier of the Year honor and also one for your favorite educational site, will open tomorrow, Saturday, June 25, 2016. I don't yet have a link to the actual nominations page, but I encourage you to check back to the Cake Masters Facebook page for updates. I also encourage you to nominate your favorite cookiers, and - if I can be so bold - to cast...Read More...
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Food Network Casting Call for Cookiers!

Julia M. Usher
Attention, all cookiers! Levity Entertainment Group, a production company in Los Angeles, is currently working with the Food Network to find bakers for a holiday special called Christmas Cookie Challenge ! They reached out to me today to encourage this community to apply! They are seeking versatile bakers, either amateurs or professionals, who make amazing cookies and absolutely love the holiday season! Applicants must also be residents of the United States. Most important - there are only...Read More...
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Attention, Bakers! Another ABC Casting Call!

Julia M. Usher
Hey, all - this just in from casting agents for ABC's The Great American Baking Show and The Great Holiday Baking Show. They're looking for talented amateur bakers for their next season, and the application deadline is February 24! If you think you've got what it takes (see details in the poster below), act now by filling out their application form, here . Best of luck to all who apply!Read More...