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How to Edit or Delete Your Own Content

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, I've been receiving an unusually large number of questions about how members can edit or delete their own content. It's super important for you to know how to do this, as I typically do not edit posts for people, unless I happen to see a misclassified image or other typo. It can also take me several hours to days to respond to site inquiries like this, as I work several other jobs. That being said, your surest bet for getting a quick answer is to familiarize yourself with our site...Read More...

Important Reminder about Copying and Posting Characters without Permission

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, regrettably, I've recently had to delete some images from challenges and other areas of the site due to lack of compliance with Rule #8 of our posting guidelines, which states that artwork (including characters, from Disney, Hasbro, etc.) cannot be copied and posted here without permission from the creator : http://cookieconnection.juliau...READ-BEFORE-YOU-POST In response to those deletions, some members have asked me why so many licensed character cookies exist on the site,...Read More...
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Adjusting Your Email Notifications and Onsite Alerts

Julia M. Usher
We all have different message-reading tastes, so Cookie Connection has been designed to allow for everyone's individual differences! The site's default email and onsite alert notifications are set to show you most of the site info that you could get notified about, just so you're aware of the site's full functionality. But I recognize that this amount of info may (or may not) be overkill for you. That said, I recommend that you edit your "Notifications" settings as soon as you join the site...Read More...

Posting Images - Please Read Before You Post!

Julia M. Usher
Read in Japanese (日本語はこちらから) (Last Translation: August 25, 2017) ________________________________ Hi, all! Before posting images or videos to the Clips area, please review the site's Terms of Use , as well as all of the following posting rules. They are designed to give your images more visibility on the site, to make sure artists are given proper credit for design inspiration and/or source artwork, and to avoid copyright violations. I'll start with the easy cataloging stuff first . . . 1.Read More...
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Wood vs. Marble Rolling Pins

Lately no matter how good I flour my wooden rolling pin, my dough seems to stick when I'm rolling it out. I was wondering, instead of having to keep adding flour, does a marble rolling pin work any better? I apologize if this already has a thread. I looked and looked and could not find it discussed. Hoping I didn't overlook something.Read More...
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Fondant Fruit Molds

I know this site is more about cookies than cakes, but I have a friend, and I need to make a cake for her one-year-old's birthday that is themed fruit. I can't find enough fondant molds in one place. If anyone knows where I can find them in the US, so I don't have to wait on customs, please let me know. I don't have much time. Thank you.Read More...
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Airbrush Use and Preferences Survey - I'd Love Your Input!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone, I'm conducting a little market research to help guide my development and design of a new airbrush system (gun and compressor) for use in cookie and cake decorating . I would very much appreciate your input so that I can best tailor the product to meet your unique decorating needs. Click here to go to the survey . (You can also return to the survey at any time by clicking on "Surveys" in the main navigation line, but be sure to log your answers before January 13, 2017 when the...Read More...
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Julia's March Stencil Release!

Julia M. Usher
Yes, it's mid-March (my, how time flies!) and once again the occasion for the grand reveal of my latest Prettier Plaques TM stencils . If you haven't yet heard about my new line, introduced at the end of 2016 and designed in partnership with Stencil Ease , you can read all about it here ! This month, I'm adding four new five-stencil sets, including my March Stencil of the Month , to my growing line. All sets are also sold as separates to give you maximum purchasing flexibility. As a...Read More...

Julia's February Stencil Release!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, everyone! It's that time again to unveil the latest releases in my Prettier Plaques TM stencil line . If you haven't heard about my new line, introduced in November and designed in partnership with Stencil Ease , you can read all about it here ! This month, I'm adding five (!) new five-stencil sets (also sold as separates) to my rapidly expanding line, including my February Stencil of the Month. As a reminder, my Stencil of the Month is part of my Stencil of the Month Club (natch! ),...Read More...
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3-D Printers to Make Cutters

Buffy Gwyn
I am thinking of buying a 3-D printer to make cookie cutters for my personal use. There are so many to choose from. Would anyone share a brand/model that they like and share their experience with the software used to create cookie cutters?? Is it worth the time and expense to purchase a 3-D printer? Thank you for any input you have to offer.Read More...
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Hi, all! It's nearly mid-month, and time, once again, to reveal the latest and greatest new stencils in my Prettier Plaques TM stencil line. If you're not familiar with my new line, designed in partnership with Stencil Ease , it launched around Thanksgiving, and you can read all about it here ! This month, I've got four (yes, four!) new five-stencil sets (also sold as separates), including our January Stencil of the Month. What's this about a Stencil of the Month, you ask? Great question! In...Read More...
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Clever Kitchen Gadgets for the Holidays!

Julia M. Usher
I've got a hot tip for some great stocking stuffers - all from our site affiliate, Monkey Business. This site is known for its ultra-clever designs for kitchen gadgets, just a small sampling of which is shown below. As with all of our Cookie Connection affiliates, whenever you purchase from any of the Monkey Business links in this post or elsewhere on this site (usually on the far right hand side), Cookie Connection receives a small referral fee used to offset the hosting charges for this...Read More...

Cyber Monday Deal on DoughEZ Rolling System - 20% Off!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I've got another great Cyber Monday deal for you, this time on the DoughEZ rolling system (mat and guides). Just access the DoughEZ site through the link below and use the coupon code "CYBERBAKING" (no quotes) at check-out to get 20% off. This offer is good for one day only - today, November 28, 2016! However, if you use the coupon code "juliausher" (no quotes) any other time of year, you'll get 10% off. Enjoy! Access the DoughEZ site here . While you're shopping, please also check...Read More...

Cyber Monday Sale on Julia's New Stencils - 20% Off!

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! I'm offering a fab Cyber Monday Sale on my new stencil line that runs from today (Saturday, November 26) through December 22, 2016! All stencils and stencil accessories in my new Prettier Plaques TM line (which you can read more about here ) are 20% off. Woo hoo! Just apply coupon code 112216 at check-out! And, remember, I'm also giving away $200 worth of my stencils in a giveaway that runs through December 6, 2016. To enter that giveaway, click here , and follow the instructions at...Read More...
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Dough Sheeter Recommendations?

I am looking for a table top dough sheeter that is easy to use and clean. I want to use it for my sugar cookie dough, as well as my shortbread. We do a lot of frosted sugar cookies at our store and want the thickness to be uniform. Does anyone have any experience with dough sheeters? Can you suggest a good one? In my research, I did notice that there are machines that not only function as dough sheeters, but as cookie droppers as well. This would be fabulous, and eliminate the need for...Read More...
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Help Needed with Understanding Cookie Tools!

Hello . . . my head is reeling from too much info! I want to get moulds, etc. for making cookie toppers but can't understand the differences between moulds, onlays, gumpaste cutters, silicone mats, etc. etc. I saw some cookies made by Bubolinka at another cake decorating site . . . I want to make toppers like hers. Where do I get the stuff from? How did she make those hearts? Do I need a fondant mat or only impression mats or texture sheets, embossed rollers, or silicone lace mats? And...Read More...
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Morphing One Shape into Another

Are there any resources or places where we can research or post to share how we could use a particular shape cookie cutter to make other things? Sugarbelle seems to be incredibly creative with this (her baking theme cookies are the perfect example) but I don't have the much visionary inspiration in my feeble brain!Read More...
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