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June 25


Canton, GA


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I am a school teacher,mom, and wife who has found my love for decorating cookies. I started learning to decorate cakes and cookies 8 years ago by taking classes at Michaels. My initial intent to start this hobby was to have some "mommy free time" to do something creative and fun. From there on, I enjoyed making a few cakes and cookies for friends and family. It was not until the last couple of years that I realized my passion was to decorate cookies more than cakes.  

Being a school teacher and a mom, finding time to do what I love has been a challenge, but my hope is to find balance so that one day I can decorate cookies as a side business.  

I am excited to be joining this site. I look forward to finding inspiration and learn from fellow cookie decorators who share the same love for cookie decorating. 



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School Teacher

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I made PYO cookies for my student holiday party. They were a hit!

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100 apple cookies for me and my fellow teachers back to school night