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Dear Yankee Girl: Show Us Your 'Stache of Nutcrackers!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It is with hugely mixed feelings that I announce that this post will be the last in our beloved  Dear Yankee Girl series. I'm sad, because Kari is just about the best tutorial writer I could have ever imagined, so she will be greatly missed! (A gross understatement.) But I am happy, because Kari wanted to clear the decks to pursue some new and different things - which, knowing Kari, can only be great stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes her cookie...

Dear Yankee Girl: A Cookie Necklace Tutorial

A flower necklace: My attempt at an advanced tutorial. [EDITOR'S NOTE: Per members' recent requests for more advanced tutorials, I've asked all of our site contributors to push cookie boundaries for you! As you'll soon see, Kari's done a great job with this challenge - of course, I expected nothing less from this very talented lady! ] I can’t say that anyone said, “Hey, Yankee Girl! How would I make a flower necklace?!”, but I figured that since I was going to making...

Dear Yankee Girl: Ombre Heart Tutorial, My Debut Post

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It takes a small community to keep a large community like  Cookie Connection  alive with content, which is why I'm so completely thrilled to be adding another regular contributor to the site. I'm sure many of you already know our newest featured blogger - Kari Arroyo aka Yankee Girl Yummies - for her amazing cookie work posted here on Cookie Connectio n and elsewhere online. She's a top-flight decorator with a strong grasp of many techniques and an amazing...