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2017 Cookiers' Choice Awards - Nominations Ballot

Yes, until January 13, 2018 (5 pm central), we'll be accepting nominations for the 2017 Cookiers' Choice Awards in two categories!

All of the awards are international in scope and open to anyone anywhere, including winners in previous years, provided the nominee meets the criteria in each category description. Please note that Cookie Connection and its host/owner (Julia M. Usher) are not eligible for nomination in any category. However, Cookie Connection contributors are eligible.

Please carefully read the category descriptions (selection criteria) below before submitting your nominations ballot. Remember, these awards are based on merit, not popularity.

Awards Category Descriptions

Cookie Artist of the Year: Awarded to the cookie artist whose 2017 portfolio of work most impressed and inspired the larger cookie decorating community and the Cookiers' Choice Awards judging panel. Cookie portfolios will be evaluated on technical difficulty, number of techniques used, mastery of techniques, originality, and overall design appeal/artistry. Each finalist will be required to submit a minimum of 10 photos of original cookie work produced in 2017. Copies of others' work are strictly prohibited. This category is open to individuals only (not businesses), professionals and hobbyists, and both Cookie Connection members and non-members. 

Cookier of the Year: Awarded to the cookier or cookie enterprise that is deemed by the larger cookie decorating community and Cookiers' Choice Awards judging panel to have contributed most positively to the cookie decorating world in 2017 through activities that extend beyond cookie artistry. Entrants will NOT be judged on their cookie artistry, but rather on the scope and impact of their 2017 contributions to education, product or business development, philanthropy, and/or other activities. This category is open to both Cookie Connection members and non-members, and to both individuals and organizations (i.e., retailers, cookie decorating schools, etc.).

** Other IMPORTANT Things to Read Before You Nominate **

  • You will only be given one opportunity to nominate just one person/business per category. Once you have submitted your ballot, you cannot change it, so please take your time.
  • You do not have to nominate someone for each category. But, please indicate "NONE" or "NO NOMINATION" in the "Your Opinion" box if you choose not to nominate, as each question requires an answer of some form in order to submit properly. When you nominate in a category, your nomination must also be complete. 
  • For a nomination to be complete: In addition to providing us with the nominee's name (either personal or business), please also add a brief statement about why this person/business is deserving of the award. Nominations that are incomplete (don't include either name or statement) will be excluded.
  • Again, Cookie Connection and its host are not eligible for nomination.
  • Survey results will remain private for viewing only by Julia M. Usher and the judges, who will be announced later in this process. 

Thanks in advance for taking the time to celebrate the accomplishments of fellow members of the cookie community! To read more about how the process will unfold after the nominations are complete, click here.

1A. Cookie Artist of the Year Nominee (Enter Name Here)

Again, this category is an award for cookie artistry! Nominees must be individuals.

1B: Cookie Artist of the Year (Explain Your Nomination Here)

Please describe why you think this person deserves this cookie artistry award. If this area is left blank, your nomination will not be considered.

2A. Cookier of the Year Nominee (Enter Name Here)

Again, this category is an award for merits not related to cookie art, i.e., for cookie education, philanthropy, product development, etc. Nominees can be individuals or businesses.

2B: Cookier of the Year (Explain Your Nomination Here)

Please describe why you think your nominee deserves this award. If this area is left blank, your nomination will not be considered.

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