Enter chance to win Mallory Mae of ButterWinks new Craftsy course, free!

Hey you lovely people of Cookie Connection! I have a new Craftsy class set to launch right around the corner and I want to give you all a chance to win the free course!


All you have to do is click this link here: http://www.craftsy.com/ext/MalloryMae_Giveaway

Feel free to share with your cookie friends, and if you have a blog that would like to feature the giveaway I can do some exclusive interviews and guest posts as well!

Thanks so much for checking it out!



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Well!  And congratulations!  I didn't know you would be a feature host on Craftsy.  Welllll....  I wouldn't mind being the recipient of something free - lol, but it is nice that you offer the chance for someone to win.   I'll have to search for you on Craftsy to take your courses.  I guess I could sign up but might not be able to visually see it until after March.  I'll have to play it by ear, so to speak....  

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