Mark Your Calendars for Our March Chat!

Hey, all! Mark your calendars for our next live chat on March 25. Over the course of the next few to several months, I'll be chatting (and conducting Cookier Close-up interviews) with all of the CookieCon 2017 instructors with whom I've never done these things before! First up, is the lovely Dany Lind of Dany's Cakes (and cookies!) in
the Lewiston/Auburn area of Maine, USA.


In this chat, we'll explore Dany's distinctive piped, dimensional cookie work and get the lowdown on her experience as a CookieCon instructor, among other things. If you can't make the chat at the appointed time, no worries. Dany's chat room is now open (just click here) to receive advance questions, which she'll field at the time of the chat.

In the meantime, please get better acquainted with Dany by reviewing her bio below and her profile and portfolio on this site.

E1D20767-6554-45E7-A2E2-14E5C107E298Dany Lind started Dany's Cakes 16 years ago, and what started as a cake hobby for family and friends evolved into a passion for cookie art after her first cookie order in 2010. She has become known for creating elaborate sets of cookies that tell a visual story, full of emotion and texture. "I want to create sets that make my customers feel something with every cookie they take out of the box," she explains. "It's fun to try to create cookies that people don't want to eat, but then be glad they did!" Dany enjoys adding realism to her creations when appropriate, using 3-D details and painting techniques to make images pop and make people question, "Is this really a cookie?"

When Dany is not making cookies or the occasional client cake, she can be found on football, baseball, soccer, basketball, track and Nordic-racing sidelines throughout New England with her three boys.

All cookie and photo credits: Dany Lind


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