Where to Find Nice Cookie Boxes in Canada?

Hi, folks!

I've searched the forums and didn't really see anything on this topic, so I'm hoping some fellow Canadian cookie decorators can help me out!

I am looking for some nice looking, windowed, cookie boxes. I love the BRP Box Shop boxes, but the shipping to my location is almost double the cost of the boxes themselves.

I am currently using pie boxes from Bulk Barn but they are often too small and do not have a window.

Any suggestions? I'm open to ordering online as long as the shipping doesn't cost an arm and a leg!


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Yes sweet prodigy thanks for giving us the site I checked it out and yes they have some good boxes but it's mainly for businesses as you have to buy in bulk but for a little homebaker like me who only bakes for families and friends I have bought  boxes from the dollar store and cut out holes in the top and replaced it with cellophane it works for me I thought I'd put this in Just For Us little guys

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