April 2018

Best Way to Package Party Favor Cookies?

Hi all, I'm making cookie favors for my babysitter's wedding shower and trying to sort out the best way to package them. I owe her my sanity and want these to be really special. Each guest will get two 3" diameter cookies. Normally I heat-seal my cookies in 2 mil poly bags, but they don't lend well to adding a bow (the plastic is too thick I think). So, first question...do I put each cookie is its own bag? Or layer them together in one bag? And then, do any of you heat seal and then add...Read More...
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More Amazing Cash Prizes for Cookiers!

Julia M. Usher
Aha! Got your attention again! As it turns out, I'm sponsoring and judging another great cookie competition this year at the Show Me Sweets Cake & Candy Convention , on September 8-9, 2018 in St. Charles, Missouri. This show is only one year old, but it generated an impressive turnout for the cookie competition last year, and it only promises to be even better this year. So far, over $2500 in cash and prizes has been donated for four categories in the cookie competition. For more...Read More...

New to Royal Icing...

I am a newbie to using frosting sheets and basically icing cookies in general, other than with my kids for the holidays, so I have what many might think is a silly question . . . when I decorate cookies with my kids and make “icing”, I have always used a recipe that I found online with confectionary sugar, milk and corn syrup. It ends up shiny and quite thin. I am looking to decorate my cookies and have more of the thick non-shiny look - what I typically see under an icing or frosting sheet...Read More...
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New Member Moderation Practices

Julia M. Usher
Hi, all! Due to an unfortunate rash of spam/fake members signing up for the site since January 2018, I am moving to a new system of moderating new member signups. In the past, everyone who signed up for Cookie Connection automatically had access to the site, without any moderation/review by me. However, this process has (recently) allowed a large number of fake members (10 to 20 per day) to join, and has created an ENORMOUS amount of cleanup for me - about 1 or more hours each day to delete...Read More...
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CookieCon 2018 Sugar Show Categories Announced!

Julia M. Usher
Hey, all! If you're going to CookieCon (the country's largest cookie decorating convention) in September, they recently announced their Sugar Show (cookie decorating competition) categories, as described above. This show, and others like it, are often a great way to push your skills to new heights, regardless of whether you win any prize. For more information about the event, please visit the CookieCon site .Read More...
Photo and Graphic Design by LilaLoa; Permission Granted to Post Here Hi, everyone! I just wanted to alert you that @LilaLoa (aka Georganne Bell) has a new "Expert Q&A" feature on her blog, where she asks a panel of cookiers (yours truly included) a different question each month. This month, it was all about rolling cookie dough ! It's been fun to formulate my answers and to read the sometimes very different responses from the others. (Just when you think you've...Read More...
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