June 2015

Mass Production Advice Needed to Reduce Cookie Pricing

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My boss aproached me a couple of weeks ago with the idea that we take up my cookies into our range of products. He is just in love with them and thinks they are amazing. As much as I am flattered by his opinion and as much as I would love to do this, I truly doubt that we will be able to come up with reasonable prices. As mentioned in another post already, I need an average of 30-40 min for each cookie. I could reduce this quite a bit if I didn't have to work in my private kitchen but had...Read More...
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C hase Mission Main Street Grants is offering twenty $100,000 grants to small businesses across the U.S.  In order to be considered for the grant, businesses who have applied need to receive 250 votes to move onto the selection process. ...Read More...
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Impact of Egg Shortage on CK Products Meringue Powder

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Julia M. Usher
Hi, all, This information came to me via another cookie friend, but was originally posted on the CK Products' website (and still is, here ). In case you were wondering about the shortage of their meringue powder product, it is indeed related to the egg shortage. Here's what they said: "Jun 15, 2015 Important notice of price change and update on US egg supply. As a result of recent issues, the US egg supply has tightened up over the past few weeks and the price of egg whites has increased...Read More...
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Hi everyone.   I just finished these (photo should be attached), but totally unhappy with how they have turned out - the client wanted a muscle arm (recipient is a trainer) and a windmill (he works for the company who makes them).   It just...Read More...
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