September 2017

Hi, all! As you may or may not know, I'm currently conducting a quick survey about flour use in rolled cookies in preparation for @Liesbet's next Toolbox Talk . If you haven't yet taken that survey, I would love it if you would! You can do so here ! If you have taken the survey (and if you haven't, for that matter), you should know that I recently (just today) added an extra special BONUS QUESTION at the very end (Q15). On September 30 , I'll be drawing one name from...Read More...
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Discounting Surplus Cookies

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The Woodsy Wife
I recently hosted my first vendor booth at a farmer's market, and had quite a few cookies left over afterwards. So I put them up on my site a couple days later at discounted prices. But I know that some of the people who bought cookies from me at the market follow my page and — though no one mentioned it — I couldn't help but wonder if it's fair to them that the cookie they bought a few days ago for $3 is now being sold for $2. I guess my questions are: At what point are leftover cookies old...Read More...
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Royal Icing Not Setting

Homemade for Heroes
I'm following a fast-setting royal icing (RI) recipe. First time was great! Last three were disasters. It's shiny and opaque, so I thought I didn't clean well enough. Today, the fourth attempt, it won't mix past a four-second consistency. I've followed the recipe to a tee. Setting timers and everything. It's heavy to stir, not like you'd expect a four-second constency to be. I have researched here and followed cleaning instructions. Have carefully washed all utensils, and today used a RI...Read More...
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Hey, all! I just wanted to extend a public congratulations to @Evelindecora for achieving 100,000 activity points on Cookie Connection this past weekend, elevating her to our highest "Cookie Queen" status on the site! You'll now see her sporting the following badge on her member profile and perhaps elsewhere online, and this is why! As you may or may not know, activity points are basically a fun, non-competitive measure of your activity on the site, which, if you hadn't...Read More...
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Royal Icing on Top of Edible Paper

Blondie's Sweet Shop
I have used edible paper many times in the past, but have never decorated on top of the paper before. Will icing bleed through or cause the paper to deteriorate if you you pipe royal icing detail directly on top of the papers after they are placed on the cookies? I would like to try this to create dimension on logo cookies, but I don't want to ruin them. Any tips for this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!Read More...
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Mark your calendars now for September 16, 2017 (10 am central), because we've got an exciting live chat scheduled with the very talented @Tammy Trahan New Orleans Cookie Company of New Orleans Cookie Company ! While Tammy has been a member of Cookie Connection since 2014, I hadn't had the pleasure of actually seeing her work until she posted some images recently into my Facebook cookie group. (Now, if I could only get Tammy to start posting here! ) It didn't take more than one or two posts for me to...Read More...
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After my site support team made some changes to your "Notifications" area a few weeks ago, I've gotten a few questions about how the "Alerts" page works, so I am posting a few clarifications below. BTW, the changes made to the "Notifications" area are very important, as they may affect the volume of automatic notices you get from the site, so PLEASE ALSO READ THIS RELATED POST , if you haven't already. Thanks! Now, for those "Alerts" page clarifications: 1) Alerts cannot be manually deleted...Read More...