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Arkon Mount on Your Wish List?! Wish No More!


One of the perks of being a Cookie Connection member (apart from sopping up knowledge in our awesome tutorials and challenges) is being among the first to learn of great deals offered by our incredible partners. Well, hold onto your pastry bags, because I've got outstanding news in the deal department for you! 

I've just joined forces with the fabulous (and very social media-savvy) Aaron Roth at Arkon Mounts to bring you big savings on all (yes, ALL) of their products! You can get 20% off ANYTHING on their site, at ANY time, just by using my special "JuliaMUsher" code at checkout! (Disclaimer: Cookie Connection earns a small referral fee for every purchase made with this code, but all such funds help to keep this site running! So, clearly this deal is win-win for all!)

Lest you forget about this offer or how to access the Arkon site, just look in our site's sidebar for an image like this . . .

Julia M Usher Coupon-2

If you click on the image, you'll be taken to one of Arkon's latest and greatest products, designed specifically with cookiers in mind. It's called the "Cookie Decorators Mount for Phones and Pico Projectors", and it's exactly that - a mount that allows you to position either of these devices in either of two locations to capture just about any view you'd like! 

While I'm pictured with the "Cookie Decorators Mount" above, I personally use their "Remarkable Creators 3-n-1 Bundle", because it fits both my iPhone and iPad, and I prefer the larger viewing mode on the iPad for live demos and classes. In fact, I'll be using it in my upcoming October Zoom class, where I'll also be giving away a "Cookie Decorators Mount"! (Psst! Though early bird seats have sold out, I still have plenty of regular admission seats left. I hope you'll join me and have a go at winning a mount! More class info here.)

But, again, you needn't buy one or the other of these products to take advantage of my coupon code - you can get 20% OFF ANYTHING ON THE ARKON SITE! How great is that?!

So now that I've generated all this buzz, I'll leave you to shop! But, before I do, a HUGE THANK-YOU to Aaron Roth of Arkon Mounts for bringing this ongoing opportunity and two giveaways to you! (Yes, in addition to my class giveaway, he's sponsored a second surprise one that you'll hear about very soon!) I should also add: If you need any Instagram advice, please visit Aaron's page. He does daily (I believe) live videos that are chock full of valuable posting tips.



Images (2)
  • Arkon's New Cookie Decorators Mount: Photo and Logo Courtesy of Arkon Mounts
  • Julia's Coupon Code for Arkon Purchases: Photo by Mattea Linae; Graphic Design by Arkon Mounts

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Thanks! Just ordered one! I've been looking at them for a long time for my journaling videos, but with my new projector for cookies, it's a no-brainer!

Great - I hope you took advantage of my coupon code!

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