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Bring on Spring Giveaway and Cutter Offer, Brought to You by Michael Bonne

With tomorrow being the official first day of spring, it seemed only appropriate that we celebrate with a giveaway! Woo hoo!




Thanks to the very generous and talented cookie cutter designer Michael Bonne, dubbed America's Favorite Coppersmith by Martha Stewart, I've got a very special Cookie Connection exclusive for you! Michael is a true artisan whose copper cutters are nothing short of collectible quality, and, as luck would have it, he's designed the following springtime set ("Potting Shed" and "Mini Watering Can") just for this giveaway! 


potting shed 1

potting shed reverse


What's more, he's offering 25% off all of the cutters in his Etsy store (through December 31, 2014) to anyone using the coupon code COOKIECONNECTION2014 upon checkout.




Cutter Set Details:

  • As noted earlier, this is the very first "Potting Shed" cutter set; no others will be made until this giveaway is over. Michael will sign the winner's cutters with "The First One" and the winner's name!
  • Retail price (once released) will be $95.
  • "Potting Shed" is 4 inches wide by 5 1/2 inches tall. "Mini Watering Can" is 1 3/4 inches wide by 1 1/4 inches tall.
  • Handcrafted solely by Michael from solid copper and food safe solder. Handle is stamped with Michael's maker's marks ("Michael Bonne Made It").
  • Inner design lines emboss the dough; only the outer bands cut the dough. The words "Potting Shed" are just an artistic detail; they will not emboss the dough.

To Enter:

  • Simply tell Michael and me (before April 1, 2014, 5 pm central) why you'd like to win these copper cutters in the comments area below. 
  • Remember, you must be a Cookie Connection member to comment on this site. To join, just click on "Join Community" in the upper left of our home page and follow the sign-up prompts.

Other Giveaway Details:

  • The winner will be determined by random number generator at the close of the giveaway, again on April 1, 5 pm central. The person whose comment position matches the number drawn by the random number generator will win the cutter set.
  • The winner will be put in touch with Michael via email to discuss the cutter inscription and other details about redeeming the prize. The winner must make contact with Michael within a week of the giveaway (by April 8, 5 pm central), or another winner will be selected.


Don't Forget Michael's Special Promo!


Get 25% off any cutter purchase from his store by entering COOKIECONNECTION2014 at checkout. Offer good through December 31, 2014.


Happy Spring!


******* AND THE WINNER IS *******

Originally Posted by Brenda Eastman:

I would love to win this cookie cutter set!  They are beautiful and unique.  I have just started decorating cookies after several years of just doing cakes and cupcakes and I am having so much fun!! I have learned so much from Julie usher and I have both of her books!  Keep the books coming!


CONGRATS! BRENDA EASTMAN (entry #8) is our winner with the above comment. The random number generator says it's so:



Brenda, I'll be in touch soon via email with information about how to redeem your prize! Congrats again!


Images (3)
  • Bring on Spring Giveaway Banner: Cutter and Photo by Michael Bonne; Banner Design by Cookie Connection
  • Potting Shed Cutter Set: Cutters and Photo by Michael Bonne
  • Potting Shed, Handle View: Cutter and Photo by Michael Bonne

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I think the cutter itself is gorgeous -- it's a piece of artwork all on its own, and would be beautiful to display, aside from obviously creating some lovely cookies!  I'm glad to get familiar with Michael Bonne, who is clearly a very talented artisan and craftsman.


I would love to win these spring cutters for so many reasons including, but not limited to, the fact that they are awesome, I don't own any copper cutters, and would love to create some great cookies with them. 

I would like to have this cutter really REALLY badly!!!  I am a former President of the Ridgefield Garden Club here in town. We are part of a national organization, (the Garden Club of America) which is celebrating its 100th birthday this June. I make cookies for all of the important dates for my club. We own our own Lord & Burnham Greenhouse and run an annual Mothers Day plant sale. This cutter and the cookies that I would decorate from it would be a smash surprise at our 100th Birthday Celebration evening celebration. Please please help us celebrate!!!! What better use for a potting shed and watering can cookie cutter than for a real garden party! Below are the cookies I made for the 
Save the Date" invitations, so I hope you know that I would decorate these cookies beautifully!!

Cheers! Kristin McNamara

     Photo: The Ridgefield Garden Club and the GCA are celebrating 100 years! These are the "Save the Date" cookies for tomorrow's meeting! Enjoy Ladies!

I would love to have one of the Michael Bonne´s cookies cutters because they are unique, so special. I live in Argentina and we do not have nothing similar. I would really love to have one of those for my little bussiness.

Thank you!!!! Hope I can win.


Just checking back in! I have been exploring this artist on Ebay and his cutters are individual works of art.I would really love to own one of these and surprise my fellow gardeners with some beautifully decorated one of-a-kind cookies made from this cutter!!!

This would be a perfect "heirloom" gift to a special cookier I know.  Her "cookie heirs" would prize the memorial cutter set customized with her name.  What a tribute to pass down through the generations.

Love the detail in these cookie cutters!!  Going crazy with gardening for the first time this year.  I have all sorts of ideas for decorating my kitchen with gardening decor.  Besides using them to make cookies for a garden party (which I plan to have), I would display them in a special place in my kitchen.  These cutters will make such precious cookies!