Dear Yankee Girl - How Did You Make Those Gold Coins?

I made you some money.

Yes, I did.

Well, not REAL money. But close enough!

After the last tutorial, I got some questions about the gold coins from my leprechaun set. How did I make them? Since I don’t really like to make a set of cookies twice (weird, I know ), I decided to make some real coin cookies! One of my boys is learning how to count money in school, so I can dole these out to the children as a learning tool, and it’s a win-win for everyone!


What you’re going to need:

  • Flooded and dry cookies
  • Image to put onto your cookies (shamrock, President Lincoln . . .)
  • Set-up to do a royal icing transfer or a Kopykake
  • Piping consistency royal icing – same color as your flooded cookie (optional, if doing an image with no detailing such as a shamrock)
  • Airbrush with metallic sheen colors or a bottle of Wilton Color Mist

Pic 1


There are two ways to do these coins - based on the equipment that you have available. I used my Kopykake and airbrush because I am comfortable with them. But these cookies can very easily be made without either of those tools.

Start with a flooded cookie that you’ve allowed to dry overnight. I found free clipart images of the coins and, using the Kopykake, outlined and flooded the presidents' faces. Of course, they can also be done as transfers.

Pic 2

Once the flooded areas had dried, I used the same color to add the details. Obviously, the shamrock did not have any detail – so you could skip right over this step! Allow your details to dry.

Pic 3

Now the airbrushing part! What can I say? Spray it! If you’re using the Wilton spray – be CAREFUL! That stuff comes out way fast. With the airbrush, I did apply two coats to give it that super shiny look!

Pic 4

I do want to share a few things that I learned while doing this tutorial:

  • I’m short 25 cents because while flooding a cookie, it overflowed . . . it happens. To everyone.
  • On the quarter, George Washington has a double chin. Was this a necessary detail? I’m serious. Look in your change jar. 
  • Invest in some disposable gloves to wear during airbrushing. Take it from the girl with gold fingers . . .

And that’s it! You’ve got yourself some coins!

Money set

Please remember to email me or leave a comment with questions! I love all the material that you guys are giving me!

Cookie photo credits: Kari Arroyo



Kari ArroyoKari Arroyo started decorating cookies in 2011 after deciding to take a break from nursing, and learned the ways of royal icing by reading tutorials and LOTS of trial and error. When she’s not decorating cookies, you can find her chasing after two busy boys! Check her out on Facebook or her site, and email her your cookie questions at


Photo credit: Kari Arroyo




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Mike - That dime cookie was just over an inch in size and the "liberty" was kind of a pain. But I used my trusty Wilton 1S tip!
Originally Posted by Mike @ Semi Sweet:

So realistic, Kari! Thanks for the tutorial!! Can I ask what size tip you used for the details and the tiny lettering? That teeny-tiny "LIBERTY" on the quarter is insanely good!


Thanks! The dime was just over an inch and they went up from there. I'd say the quarter was about 2 1/2 inches across...
Originally Posted by Kathy181:

Oh these are SO amazing. How big are the cookies? Because if they're life-size, I'm going to slam my head in a car door!


The back of the quarter is my favorite! Or wait, maybe the back of the penny! Oh, these are just so, so remarkable!


Thank you!!
Not a paper to transfer drawings to cookies - but you can place an image (on paper) into a Kopykake, which is what I did for these. 
Originally Posted by Evelindecora:

Kari, these cookies are so beautiful and perfect! Many congrats

I learn from this post that there is a paper to transfer drawings on cookies....really? Am I the only one on the earth that didn't know this wonderful product? >.<



How are you making your transfers? I use a page protector (from the office supplies section), put it on a baking sheet and hold the edges down with magnets. That way the transfers are flat. If you still have trouble, maybe you could apply the transfer to your cookie before it's dry? Like wet enough that it sinks in a bit...?
Originally Posted by Cindi:

I am amazed! I see that you said you could use a royal icing transfer. Do you have any suggestions for how to make the transfer stay flat? I made some and they didn't dry flat so the edges stick up out of the icing on the cookie.


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