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Gold Sponsor Spotlight for Julia M. Usher’s Cookie Art Competition™


Hi, all! I wanted to take a moment to specially thank our Gold Sponsors who stepped up to the highest of levels to support Julia M. Usher's Cookie Art Competition at That Takes the Cake Show in Austin, February 22-23, 2020. (The competition also has some awesome Silver Sponsors, who you can meet here!)

It takes a village to pull off a competition - not only to secure the prizes, but also to fund judges' travel and accommodations, copying, shipping, signage, table and linen rentals, venue rental, and other incidental expenses. Without the support of all of our wonderful sponsors, this competition would simply not be possible. Thanks to them, we raised $10,000 in cash and product prizes in 2020, matching what we raised last year (though in about half the time this year)! This treasure trove will be split six ways across the first-, second-, and third-place winners in the competition's two categories: 2-D and 3-D! THANK YOU again, sponsors! (Pssst, if you're a potential entrant, there's still time to enter and possibly win part of this amazing kitty! Just check out the cookie competition info here, and be sure to register by February 16.)

But back to our incredible sponsors . . . in return for their generosity, our aim is to give them as much public recognition as we can, which brings me to this blog post. It's one of several ways we highlight those companies and individuals who went over the top by donating to the "Gold" level, which represents a minimum $500 cash (or $1,000 product) contribution.

Please join me in giving our Gold Sponsors a HUGE thank-you and round of applause for supporting our cookie community in this way!

And here they are  . . . 


You can learn more about each of these businesses by visiting their websites listed below. I encourage you to explore their wonderful selections of products and services that they work so tirelessly to bring to us everyday.

Creative Cookier, Ginny and Doug Levack
Genie products for better baking1600x900 for video reel
Sweet Bite App, Lara Parodi
Logo AND Video Reel-SweetBiteAPPBORDER copy
Sweet Prints, Inc., Brian and Mary Bann
4k Logo AND Video Reel_wBackground
The Hungry Hippopotamus, Stephanie Kappel
Video Reel 2 Border
You Can Call Me Sweetie, Sandie Beltran
YCCMS video reel
Yours Truly, Julia M. Usher
Julia Usher Video Reel Austin

And, because everyone loves a good video, here's a quick video tribute to all of our sponsors. Again, please give them an emphatic "thank-you"!

I look forward to seeing many of you in Austin in a few weeks! Best of luck to all who are competing! 


Images (8)
  • Meet Our Gold Sponsors Banner: Graphics Courtesy of That Takes the Cake Show
  • Gold Sponsor Banner with Logos: Logos Courtesy of Our Sponsors; Graphics Courtesy of That Takes the Cake Show
  • Creative Cookier Banner: Graphic Courtesy of Creative Cookier
  • Sweet Bite App Banner: Graphic Courtesy of Sweet Bite App
  • Sweet Prints, Inc. Banner: Graphic Courtesy of Sweet Prints, Inc.
  • The Hungry Hippopotamus Banner: Graphic Courtesy of The Hungry Hippopotamus
  • You Can Call Me Sweetie Banner: Graphic Courtesy of You Can Call Me Sweetie
  • Julia M. Usher Banner: Graphic Courtesy of Julia M. Usher

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