Julia's October Stencil Release - Peace, Love, and Joy!


Christmas seems to come earlier and earlier each year, doesn't it? And I have no shame about helping it to arrive even sooner with this month's fun and festive holiday sets! 

In the odd event that it's not incredibly obvious, the inspiration for these sets is the myriad knit patterns found on Scandinavian sweaters. They are iconically Christmas, and I just couldn't put off turning them into stencils any longer!

Before we dive into what these sets contain and how they work, I just have to say that they may be my most versatile and flexible yet! Because each of the primary knit patterns can be isolated with masks, which can also be creatively used to make stripes of varying widths, a seemingly infinite number of patterns can be dreamt up. As always, I only have space here to show a small subset of them. Even so, I'm pretty sure you'll be convinced of how easy it is to mix and match all the various elements in these sets.

Onward, shall we?!

New October 2019 Stencils Large 2

Here's what's coming at you this month:

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Now, let's talk about that background set and what you can do if it's the only set of the two that you've got.

Peace, Love, and Joy Dynamic DuosTM Background Set (6 pieces)
Background Set

One of the simplest and prettiest things to do is to selectively stencil the rows of the foreground stencil without using the background stencil at all. That's exactly what I did to the cookies pictured below, except that I also stenciled green stripes with the help of the shading stencil and my Quadrant Masking Tool. (BTW, the airbrush colorings used throughout this post are just three: Chefmaster Super Red, AmeriMist Leaf Green, and a one-to-three mixture of AmeriMist Avocado and Electric Green for the lighter green.)


In the cookie below, the background stencil was also put into action. I laid it first, and blocked out areas for the top and bottom (reindeer) rows on the foreground stencil. I shaded those blocked areas with light green before stenciling the respective rows with a darker green. Lastly, a fondant button and some delicate fondant roping and cording were added as accents. (The latter were made using this fondant extruder fitted with the plate containing the tiniest round openings.)


Here's a twist on the cookie above that uses the snowflake pattern on the foreground stencil . . .


And here's a slightly closer view . . .


I could talk and talk about the other possibilities with this set, but let's move on to discuss the complementary message and frame set. It contains the following six pieces . . .

Peace, Love, and Joy Dynamic DuosTM Message and Frame Set (6 pieces)

Here's a take with the "Season's Greetings" message turned into a separately applied fondant appliquΓ© . . .


I embellished that plaque with another cute-as-a-button fondant button! BTW, the buttons here were all made with this mold from Katy Sue Designs. After un-molding the fondant buttons and letting them dry until firm, I sprayed them, rather generously, with PME Edible Glaze Spray to give them a sheen reminiscent of what you'd see on Bakelite buttons.

Below is another cookie using the same frame pictured above, but a different message and a hint of light green shading within the frame . . .

Another Cookie Using Both Dynamic Duosβ„’ Sets, with Message as a Fondant AppliquΓ©

Of course, you needn't airbrush and stencil the messages and frames on separate fondant appliquΓ©s; you can put them directly on cookies as shown on the "Joy" design below. This frame is intended to look like an embroidery hoop with a threaded needle (in keeping with the knitting/sewing theme), and, this time, I've embellished with bows of red fondant threads made with the extruder mentioned earlier.


And here's that same message and frame turned into a fondant appliquΓ© (just because I LOVE the added dimension ) with a white fondant-thread bow and the Christmas trees from the foreground stencil.


And, last but not least, another festive design, this time on a round. For Christmas ornament lookalikes, you could dispense with the button and tassel shown here, and attach a fondant-thread loop to the top of the cookie! Oh, the many possibilities!


With that - and the cookie collection and key links below - I conclude this month's release. I hope it's gotten you into the (early) Christmas spirit!


Key Links:
  • To purchase my Dynamic Duosβ„’ sets, click here.
  • To join my Stencil of the Month Club, click here.
  • To see my entire stencil line, including my Prettier Plaquesβ„’ sets, click here.
  • To view my videos that show how to create layered looks with my stencil sets, click here.

If you have any technical questions about these stencils, just email me at sweetlife@juliausher.com or leave a comment below. Please, however, direct all ordering and Club questions to my stencil partner, Confection Couture Stencils, at service@confectioncouturestencils.com. Thank you!


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