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Exclusive Offer on Camera Lucida App!


Hey, all! I've got a fun treat for you that came about thanks to two people: (1) @Kathy Andersen, who recently started this forum post about different methods for transferring images onto cookies, and (2) @Peter Moeykens, author of the Camera Lucida iOS app, who kindly responded to Kathy's post with some info about his app and also this mini giveaway, exclusive to Cookie Connection members!

First, if you're not familiar with the Camera Lucida app, it's basically an iOS app that allows you to easily trace any image onto any surface, including cookies, as long as you have an iPhone or iPad and the app, of course.

Pete's Camera Lucida 9.0 Intro on YouTube demonstrates how to use the app on paper:

And, Sarah Trefny (aka Klickitat Street) does a nice job of showing its use on cookies. (You can also read her in-depth tutorial on the topic here.)

While Cookie Connection does not condone the copying of copyrighted imagery of any kind without the copyright holder's permission, we do think this tool is an awesome way to transfer sketches of your own design, work that's in the public domain (not subject to copyright law), or work where you've received the necessary permissions!

Now, with all of this background information behind us, what's the deal with that mini giveaway I mentioned at the start?! Glad you asked!

Mini Giveaway Details 

Thanks to Pete, if you want to try the Camera Lucida iOS app, just email him at and mention that you heard about this offer on Cookie Connection. He'll send a code to the first five folks to email him that will allow you to get the app for free! The codes aren't likely to last long, so don't delay!


If you happen to be late to this party, no worries. You can also get the app in the App Store for a mere $4.99. Just search for "Camera Lucida" until you find a page that looks like this:


Enjoy! And thanks again to Pete for making this offer available exclusively to Cookie Connection members!


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  • App Store Camera Lucida Screen Shot: Scree Shot Courtesy of Peter Moeykens of Camera Lucida

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Oh ,as always I'm late to the party. I wrote to Peter because I didn't see the codes were taken and he sent me a code. What awesome was that?   It was a really sweet gesture though I couldn't figure out how to use it and just ended up buying the app! 😂

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