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Up, Up, and Away - Farewell to One of Our Beloved Contributors!


Hi, all! I posted to our forums on this topic earlier today, but, since it's an important matter, I thought I'd post here on the blog as well . . .

I've got some bittersweet news to share. After writing on and off for the site since 2014(!), the crazy-talented @Lucy (Honeycat Cookies) is officially retiring from her popular "What's New, Honeycat?" series of blog tutorials on Cookie Connection. "Life is good", reports Lucy; she's simply gotten too busy with her real job and life in general to keep up her pace of super high quality work here. Of course, I will miss Lucy beyond measure (what a delight she was to work with!), but I am thrilled to hear that she's onto bigger and better things! Up, up, and away, as they say!

Thank you, Lucy, for your many wonderful years of service to Cookie Connection. You are a true gem of the cookie community!

Everyone else, rest assured that Lucy's tutorials will remain posted here for posterity, so you can always refer back to them for instruction and inspiration. They can be found under the "What's New, Honeycat?" blog collection under "Blog" in the main navigation line, or just click here.

Again, thank you, Lucy, from the bottom of my heart for all you did to make Cookie Connection a better place. I hope you will stay in touch and pop in here from time to time!  XOXO

Photo and cookie credits (title image): Honeycat Cookies

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As I wrote already in the comments to the post in the forum, this was sad news! I will miss your tutorials. But I hope you will still have time to make cookies so that you will continue to inspire us. 

P.S. I didn’t put a like to the post in the forum, because I don’t like the news... I did put a like here though, to say thank you for everything you have shared with us during all the past years and to wish you all the best💕

Thank you Julia for your lovely words, and thank you everyone. I’ve loved writing for Cookie Connection, and I’ll miss doing it. Right now it’s a bust time for me, but I shall still be making cookies, and posting photos and videos, and think about reinvigorating my blog. 

Lucy, I for one, will miss you terribly around here. Your artistic contributions to this site are without parallel, and I have thoroughly enjoyed your cookie friendship. I will miss your thoughtful insight and commentary as a fellow Practice Bakes Perfect contributor-judge. I hope we will still be seeing your own cookie clips from time to time here on Cookie Connection. I wish you the best of everything. xoxo

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