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Update on Our New Challenges


Hi, everyone! I'm back with a brief update on our new challenges. As you may have read in last month's announcement, the challenges will be taking on a new form under the leadership of @Manu biscotti decorati. (Congrats again, Manu! ) The changes to the challenges were enumerated in last month's post, but, in case you missed them . . . in a nutshell, they are designed to make the challenges more interactive and less restricted by rules. In addition, each challenge will kick off with a video lesson guided by an expert who is doing new or interesting work in cookies. And, as an added benefit, you'll have the opportunity to connect with that expert for ongoing tips and guidance as you complete your entry. Manu and I are pretty excited about the new format and hope you are too!

At any rate, you can read more about the new challenges here. Why I popped on the blog tonight was to say two things:

1) Yay! We decided on a tagline for our logo - thanks to @SugarDotCookies! Dotty suggested "Watch-Learn-Create" in the comments under last month's post, and Manu and I both loved it so much that we decided to run with it. It clearly and succinctly conveys what these new challenges are all about, and that's the most important thing for a tagline to do. Thank you again, Dotty, for your brilliant suggestion. You'll see it worked into our new challenge logo below.

New Challenge Logo

2) For the first challenge in this new series (#51 overall), I'll be the featured guest, mostly to allow Manu and me to sort out any video or other tech issues before bringing on "real" guests. Manu and I also reviewed our respective schedules, and we hope to release the first challenge around July 9. (I've got a really busy spring teaching schedule, so the first I can shoot the challenge kickoff video is at the end of June.)

Of course, these details are still subject to change, but, as Manu and I prep the first video, we both wanted you to have a bit more info to get excited about. Manu is expected to pop back on the blog in May or June with a few more challenge teasers, so stay tuned!

If you have any questions about the new challenges, please don't hesitate to leave them in the comments below.


Images (2)
  • First of New Challenges, Coming in July!: Cookies and Photo by Julia M. Usher; Headshot by Karen Forsythe; Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox
  • New Challenge Logo: Graphic Design by Elizabeth Cox; Tagline by Sugar Dot Cookies

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👏👏👏👏So excited with the new challenges!! Thank you so much dear Julia and Manu for your endless and thoughtful creativity! So looking forward to Watch-Learn-Create (thank you Dotty!) from you all♥️

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