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March 2020

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Important - The Reactions Release!

As you may know from my recent forum post , I was as surprised as you all by yesterday's site upgrade. (Somehow the advance notices about it never made it to my inbox, or I would have warned you.) Anywho . . . since the upgrade, I've been running around, testing the various changes and figuring out which ones most impact you, so I could give you this update. In short, lots of small (and a few big) things changed, but essentially only two changes really impact you. They are: 1. Reactions...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Panoramic Easter Egg Cookie

Easter has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a child. I remember how my sisters and I would spend hours drawing designs on cooked eggs with crayons before carefully dipping them into little cups of dye. Once we had amassed dozens of brightly colored eggs, the treasure hunts would begin. We’d...

Saturday Spotlight: CookieCon 2020 Sugar Show Recap

Continuing in my tradition of years past, I am about to share, all in one place, ALL of the CookieCon 2020 Sugar Show winners! How fab is that?! First, a huge thanks to Karen and Mike Summers, CookieCon founders and organizers extraordinaire, for helping to make this post happen. Each year, like clockwork, while they're still reeling in the aftermath of the show, they...