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Toolbox Talk: Shortening

The first time I heard about shortening was when an American colleague couldn't find it for a recipe she planned to make for Thanksgiving dinner. When she served sweet potatoes covered with melted marshmallows, I wasn't immediately...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Wet-on-Wet Blooming Butterfly

Following a particularly wet winter, California is officially drought-free! I think any native Californian meets this news with both gratitude as well as a little skepticism. I’ve lived here most of my life, and I can’t remember a time when we weren’t experiencing some degree of drought...


Custom Apron Giveaway and Promo, Courtesy of Mama & Madison

Say hello to our new site sponsor, Mama & Madison , maker of lovely custom aprons with a definitive retro flair! They're perfect for CookieCon 's Blinged Out Apron Contest or milling about CookieCon and other baking events in style. Heck, they're even great for those stay-at-home decorating days when your sweats are taking a few much-needed cycles through the wash! As our luck would have it, Tracie Esposito, owner and chief apron-maker of Mama & Madison, has very...

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Panoramic Easter Egg Cookie

Easter has been one of my favorite holidays since I was a child. I remember how my sisters and I would spend hours drawing designs on cooked eggs with crayons before carefully dipping them into little cups of dye. Once we had amassed dozens of brightly colored eggs, the treasure hunts would begin. We’d...