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Toolbox Talk: Icing Sugar

Icing sugar lies at the base of cookie decorating, be it with royal icing or glaze or buttercream. It was through Cookie Connection host Julia Usher’s comments about her teaching experiences in other countries that I realised that icing sugar isn’t the same all over the world...

Dear Yankee Girl: Show Us Your 'Stache of Nutcrackers!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It is with hugely mixed feelings that I announce that this post will be the last in our beloved  Dear Yankee Girl series. I'm sad, because Kari is just about the best tutorial writer I could have ever imagined, so she will be greatly missed! (A gross understatement.) But I am happy, because Kari wanted to clear the decks to pursue some new and different things - which, knowing Kari, can only be great stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes her cookie...

Debut Post: Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #1- Inspiration Board

[EDITOR'S NOTE: If you didn't see my recent forum post about changes to our team of contributors, let me quickly catch you up! Karen Anderson is leaving the helm of her How DID You Do That? column to pursue a new business in dog rescue. (Go, Karen! We will miss you!) Aymee VanDyke is on a leave of absence until the fall for health reasons. (Get well soon, Aymee!) And . . . last but not least . . .   I am over-the-moon excited to announce this new monthly column, hosted by the supremely...

Watch-Learn-Create Challenge #51: Shaping & Covering 3-D Cookies with Julia M. Usher

Hi, everyone! I am so happy and honored to be taking over the Cookie Connection challenges from Christine Dutcher (aka Sweet Prodigy) who has inspired us for the past 11 challenges in the Practice Bakes Perfect edition. Thank you, Julia M. Usher, for giving me the opportunity to host these challenges in the new Watch-Learn-Create format, which involves...

FeaturedToolbox Talk

Toolbox Talk: Flour

This Toolbox Talk tackles an ingredient that is so fundamental to rolled cookie recipes that maybe it should have been the first in this series. I'm talking about flour, people! Even an ingredient as common as flour has its differences around the world, which impact baking results...

Made by Manu: Dimensional Pumpkin Cookie Composition

This is the story of a cookie tutorial that was meant to be a 3-D pumpkin cookie project but ended up becoming a dimensional cookie composition that resembles a pumpkin. Three years ago I shared a tutorial featuring royal icing place cards. They were royal icing plaque transfers decorated with three different kinds of...

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Toolbox Talk: Meringue Powder

This post is all about my introduction to meringue powder, one of the subjects that initially spurred the idea for this Toolbox Talk column. Questions about meringue powder come up regularly on Cookie Connection, as there seem to be many differences between brands...