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Blog: Trending Over Last Week

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Advent Calendar-Style Cookie Platter

When my kids were little, they loved advent calendars, especially ones with hidden chocolates. They’d start hounding me to buy them in the beginning of October, long before I wanted to think about the winter holiday frenzy. I assumed it was the (subpar) chocolate that appealed to them. But...

Dear Yankee Girl: Show Us Your 'Stache of Nutcrackers!

[EDITOR'S NOTE: It is with hugely mixed feelings that I announce that this post will be the last in our beloved  Dear Yankee Girl series. I'm sad, because Kari is just about the best tutorial writer I could have ever imagined, so she will be greatly missed! (A gross understatement.) But I am happy, because Kari wanted to clear the decks to pursue some new and different things - which, knowing Kari, can only be great stuff. I'm looking forward to seeing where she takes her cookie...

Huge Cookie-A-Thon All-Access Pass Giveaway from Julia - Starts 10/1, 12 PM CT!

One of the many amazing aspects of Cookie-A-Thon, organized by the wonderful Nancy Westfall, is that sponsors like me get free All-Access Passes to give away. Remember, Cookie-A-Thon (a four-day spree of online cookie decorating classes from November 2 to November 5) is normally free. However, if you want..

Every Little Detail with Aproned Artist: Monarch Caterpillar and Butterfly Cookies

To my surprise, rice paper has become one of my favorite elements to incorporate into new designs. It’s such a versatile material. Rice paper can be molded (to create a balloon), imprinted (with the veining of a bumblebee wing), or kept flat (like the windows of a tiny cabin). It can be...

Made by Manu: Royal Icing Wax Seals, Love Letter Cookies . . . and a Pinwheel!

The idea for this project was sparked by an ad on Instagram promoting stamps to make real wax seals. I initially wanted to make an entire wax seal cookie, but I instead ended up using royal icing to make seal transfers to go on larger envelope cookies. For the envelope design, I...