A place to chat about CookieCon 2017, scheduled for March 9-11, 2017. Meet up with other CookieCon-goers, give tips to first-time attendees, and more!

Last Post: Great Time at CookieCon 2017!

Know of any 2016 events that members should attend? Post here, and also place on the site's event calendar if not already there!

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A place to meet other members going to CookieCon 2015 and to ask questions of veteran CookieCon-goers.

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Cookie Cruise (January 22-26, 2015) sets sail from Galveston, Texas, USA and cruises to Cozumel, Mexico, with lots of cookie decorating along the way! Connect with other event-goers here!

Last Post: New Cookie Cruise 2015 Chat Room

The place where we chatted about other 2015 events, apart from CookieCon and Cookie Cruise. 

Last Post: The Ginger Tree Project - A Christmas Cookie Collaboration

As the title says! This is where we had chats about the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show, various giveaways and casting calls, and other notable cookie events before 2015.

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A place to celebrate National Cookie Month by posting about special cookie happenings during the month of October (in any year)!

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