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This is another version of the 3-D cookie tree from my latest tutorial on Cookie Connection.


In each of the rings, I nestled a cross-stitched cookie letter to spell β€œChristmas” across the tree. I also had fun cross-stitching the word β€œMerry” on a real (non-cookie) embroidery hoop to match the cookie tree. To learn more about how I made these β€œembroidery hoop"-style cookies, see my past tutorial (April 2017)

I made the lace grid using the SugarVeil β€œNeedlepoint Mat”. This mat has been co-designed by Julia M. Usher and Michele Hester (SugarVeil) back in January 2016. I learned about the mat and this technique following  Julia M Usher videos on YouTube herehere and here


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  • Cross Stitched Details: Design, Cookie and Photo by Manu
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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

I love this centerpiece for Christmas dear Manu @Manu!! It's so festive and what's best is that it can be dessert . What could be better than that?! Wonderful idea and perfect execution, as always ❀️❀️❀️

Thank you Carol @Cookies Fantastique! I had so much fun cross stitching the letters with royal icing. This one is also not so difficult to eat. You can just start from the cookie letters and then β€œattack” the structure! 😊😊😊

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