3-D Christmas Tree Cookie 2018 | Manu

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This is another version of the 3-D cookie tree from my latest tutorial on Cookie Connection.


In each of the rings, I nestled a cross-stitched cookie letter to spell “Christmas” across the tree. I also had fun cross-stitching the word “Merry” on a real (non-cookie) embroidery hoop to match the cookie tree. To learn more about how I made these “embroidery hoop"-style cookies, see my past tutorial (April 2017)

I made the lace grid using the SugarVeil “Needlepoint Mat”. This mat has been co-designed by Julia M. Usher and Michele Hester (SugarVeil) back in January 2016. I learned about the mat and this technique following  Julia M Usher videos on YouTube herehere and here


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Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

I love this centerpiece for Christmas dear Manu @Manu!! It's so festive and what's best is that it can be dessert . What could be better than that?! Wonderful idea and perfect execution, as always ❤️❤️❤️

Thank you Carol @Cookies Fantastique by Carol! I had so much fun cross stitching the letters with royal icing. This one is also not so difficult to eat. You can just start from the cookie letters and then “attack” the structure! 😊😊😊