3-D Faberge Eggs by Julia M. Usher
Key techniques: stenciling on the outer edge and rubber-stamping for some of the vignettes

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I really love this site. If it is used properly by us it has the possibility to being a great source of learning, one of friendship, of sharing and of gaining ideas. 

When I comment on a photo I comment because I know how I feel to have a pat on the back but I don't throw my comments about easily either so when I take the time to comment it is because I have been truly impressed. I am curious how the cookies are classified as far as the "hottest" cookie. How is that judged? I think allot of people would like to know that. Thank you again. T

Thanks again, Tina! 


The hottest cookies are those that are deemed through an algorithm automatically computed by the site to be trending most rapidly over a given period. The algorithm involves a weighting of most comments, likes and views that won't be revealed, because we don't want to encourage any gaming of the system.


Our FAQ section on the site answers this question, as well as others. Check it out:  http://cookieconnection.juliau...com/pages/postingfaq

Hi, Julie!
I  am  delighted   that  you  have  time  so  much  to  do-
 to the site,  create a beautiful cake,  write books,  etc.
And  all  of  this  at  the  highest  level! Thanks  for  your  great  work  on  training  and  involvement  of  all  the  new  people   in  the  creation  of  cookies!
I  saw  the  first cookies  on  foreign  sites  2   years ago  and  was  surprised  by  the  large  number  of  enthusiastic  people.  And  a  great  variety  in  the  design.
Here  in  Russia  it  is  just  beginning.  And  budge  after  I  began  to  post  online  photos  of  my  work  at  the  beginning  of  the  year 2009. I confess, povilos′ many copyists in the early years and even opened a large biscuit firm with painting, copied from my as under carbon paper))
Prior to this we had, of course, Arkhangelsk gingerbread, but there was very little information on the Internet about it. It is a pity that the traditional painted these little gingerbread is preserved in those edges.
How I regret that gingerbread-biscuits came to me just 4 years ago when I retired))
I wish you great success in your work for the joy of all of us!

Thanks again, Irina! It's certainly a challenge to juggle the various things I am doing at the moment - there are many days I wish I had more time to decorate, and feel bad/sad because I can't do it all . . . but I keep at it, and just try to do my best. Your words give me encouragement, so thank you.