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A lot of credit must be given to our own Julia Usher @Julia M. Usher as her 3D cast sugar egg was my initial inspiration for this project. You can see her video at I knew that I wanted to create a 3D project for Easter. Also, I decided to take some in process pictures to share with you .

I initially thought it might be fun to be able to use a tea light at the back of the see-through egg and know that this would work well in the evening. However, I didn't get any pictures of this idea as the effect wasn't easily seen during daylight hours when I was photographing.

The challenges: Because I wanted to have a center cross I had to cut the hole larger than what would have been ideal. Of course I baked 4 egg shaped pieces and 2 of them broke in the handling and microplaning. I used a small tart shell for the 3rd cookie from the base. 

The cross was very light since the mold I used to bake the cross wasn't too deep and I was able to bake 2 of these so that I could place them back to back to be viewed from all angles . Getting the distressed look on the cross didn't turn out as I had hoped since I sprayed it gold and then used the method of thinning down the blue icing to add a very light layer of blue icing and then wiped a lot of it off. With the lesser amount of blue icing the appearance of the cross is a bit green. (Blue & yellow....).

I made the banner piece to write the words He is Risen and didn't place it at the top of the egg was I originally planned (shown in the pictures).  It seemed to look more balanced when placed closer to the bottom of the egg.

I still have issues with SugarVeil. I like the product a lot but am not successful in having a completely clean result when it comes off the mat. There are places where you can see a bit of a film where the product wasn't wiped off completely before I released it. There has to be some kind of secret that I'm not getting!! Testing where to put the banner cookieAs you can see, I tried a couple of ways to decorate the front. Didn't like the placement of the banner or the use of RI transfer dots on the front.

Here are the pieces that comprise the project (without the banner with my drawing.  Cookie pieces 3D  

20200228_204638After dipping the egg pieces. Here's the base by itself Cookie base

Propping up the glued egg: Propped for drying The back: 3D Back with slight smudge on the top part of the tart shaped cookie...

Here's the cross after being glued back to back and drying on a rack. Cross piece


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Lovely, Carol! So many techniques applied so well.

Thanks for the shout-out. You may not know, but I've also done 3-D cookie eggs - my firsts were back in 2015 with this video (;index=43&t=0s); I have also done them for a few classes, as recently as last year at CookieCon with the piece pictured below. (I assembled it in class, and don't think I ever got a picture of it standing, but it did! )


Interestingly, great minds think alike - we have an upcoming tutorial here that uses the same structure. Stay tuned!


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Icingsugarkeks posted:

Oh Carol... WOW!!! This is a masterly, wonderfully beautiful job !!! This work certainly took a long time!?!!! Fantastic idea and implementation dear Carol!!! ... and this royal blue is the "icing on the cookie" !! (..I don't know if this translation is correct?) ❀️😘  @Cookies Fantastique

Thank you so much dear Gabi @Icingsugarkeks . I appreciate your kind words more than you know!!! You're such a sweet cookie friend ❀️❀️❀️

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