A Day at the Beach

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Originally Posted by Magadiuz:

This is the best of the best ever! W O N D E R F U L


Thanks so much. As it was too hot to actually go to the beach, I had to bring it to my relatively cool kitchen instead

Originally Posted by doctorcookies:

I'm about to get depressed because of you!!! I LOVE ALL YOUR COOKIES. You're getting better every day. 

No, please don't get depressed, cookies are supposed to be fun! But glad you still like them

Originally Posted by La abuelita de las galletas:

What a fantastic idea, I love the whole, although I miss the bikini, I don't  like being with wet belly, but I forgive you for making this wonderful and original set !!

Thanks for forgiving me for chosing a bathing suit instead of a bikini - but as I am more the wet belly type, this idea didn't even cross my mind before