A Door to Spring: The Collaboration Continues. . .
Collaboration Ryoko~Cookie Ave. & Manu

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Manu posted:

@Ryoko ~Cookie Ave.

We are so used to explain our work in the comments to our entries during the challenges, that we keep doing that also outside the challenge!

I loved following your tutorials Ryoko! Making my (shy) bear was so much easier!!!

It has been fun... I am already thinking about Summer designs 😊😊😊. 

summer already?  We are going to finish 2 more seasons really fast.  Then alphabets?  


β€œBack to August 2016, @Manu and I participated together to the PBP Challenge #18-Collaboration, hosted by @Bakerloo Station on Cookie Connection. We designed 3 cookies each and each one of us made a total of 6 cookies, based on both designs. Then, the two couples of 6 cookies had to match like in a memory game. We were both featured and we both earned a Cookie Connection badge that we were very thrilled to add to our Autumn themed β€œmemory game”.347AEB29-DCD8-4CDD-A95A-1FF8761DCC39

As you can see there were 2 more cards above, those with our names mixed together, to sign this collaboration. These cards are still face down, which means also that the game (or the collaboration) is not finished yet!
We have been wanting to add β€œcookie cards” to our game for a long time and the upcoming Spring season was the inspiration:

attachment00 [29)



Collaboration with Manu is the most enjoyable and at the same time it is very challenging for me.

What I enjoy are to make designs to follow our theme, to show our identities such as our culture and background, to include some techniques that we want to try and to make Manu’s designed cookies with my interpretation.  In addition to that I enjoy the process of creating things with her.  We exchange and share our sketches, colors, ideas, information and knowledge.  We are very flexible and we may start over our sketches in order to make our project better during the process.

What I have tried this time are:

1 bokeh effect on the background of Tulip cookie designed by Manu (tutorial on Cookie Connection by Aixa Zunino @Dolce Sentire - Aixa Zunino).


2 royal icing miniature vegetables (designed by myself)

3 Woven cloth with fondant (designed by myself)

To have a connection to our last collaboration (Walking into Autumn), we made an animal, food (pumpkin and spring vegetables), plants (leaves and flowers) then door.  We have done autumn and spring version, that may lead us to summer and winter naturally.  But only 2 more?  It is kind of sad for me so I may suggest Manu make more cookie cards alphabetically starting from β€œA” such as β€œapple” β€œabstract” β€œadvertisement”.  We can continue till β€œZ” (Manu would hate me because that sounds too much)

See below what Manu thinks about our collaboration 



  1. Flower wreath on the door (original design is made by Manu)door

March 3rd is girls’ day in Japan.  We decorate Japanese plum flowers that are white and dark pink.  Plum flowers are the symbol of new spring to us.  I decorated plum flowers for the wreath.  I told her about this on March 8th which is International Women’s Day. 

β€œIt is traditional on this day to give yellow Mimosa flowers to women as a sign of respect and solidarity. Women give Mimosa to each other as well.”  quoted from


Manu did mimosa, then.

      2. Tulip (original design is made by Manu)tulips

Bokeh effect technique is used as Manu suggested

       3.  Bear (waking up from hibernation) my design

Mini tutorial

bear1 - コピー [2)

I painted the following parts

bear2 - コピー [2)

I used very stiff icing for trunk and branch and stiff icing for land

bear3 - コピー

 The place where I put icing next

bear4 - コピー - コピー

bear5 - コピーspring_hibernation

After the bear part dried completely, fuzzy effect is applied.

Fuzzy effect by Sweet Ambs



4.  Spring vegetables that can be seen in Japan, my designrightvege

Spring cabbage, spring onion, asparagus, snow peas, bok choy and bambooshoot

 My vegetables are RI transfer. ScanImage80 [1)DSC00127 - コピー

The base is made with white RI then I used colored RI


Mini tutorial of fondant woven cloth

   I made 2 colors of fondant

DSC00120 - ___ - コピー

 cut them

DSC00121 - ___ - コピー

 then weave

DSC00122 - ___ - コピー

 after I put it on my cookie, I trimmed the edge.

DSC00125 - ___ - コピー


Thank you for reading 

The following is what Manu made.  I like her soft colors! 

attachment00 [30)




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