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Bakerloo Station posted:

What a delightful set!  I could be wrong, but is there a chance this would qualify for the challenge? It looks like at least a couple of these cookies use 4 or more techniques/media, no?

Thank you, Christine! They do. I wasn't sure if I had entered too many times. I'm happy to enter it if it's you'd like.  

donaharrisburg posted:

bravo kim!   love the set    im especially happy that i am able to see recent pics    i wasnt here yesterday   and today i thought i'd die when i got msgs   hahahhaaaaaa      i quickly went to the comp   so that it wouldnt be too overwhelming to find pics     bravooooooooooooooooooo   sprinkling sugar dust on you

Thank you, Dona! Glad you're viewing problem was fixed. And glad you like the set! Have a beautiful day! <3

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