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on this seeworld piece I create water from homemade tuff gelatine,so I did something like cellophane,on the big gingerbread wave I create liquid decor from isomalt and  the white sea foam imfront is from gelatine sheets sprayed with a just bit water and baked in microwave.On the end I glued playing waferpaper Whale  


I continued playing with,so I put those isomalt sea horse,fish and starfish,but have to say i prefer it without them


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Petra Florean posted:
Kim Damon posted:

Petra, with each of your entries I love how it's hard to tell what is cookie and what is not. You simply feel the water effect so completely! Well done! I also love the amount of elements you used to create the  water effect!

Gingerbread is down like ground sea and the big wave, waferpaper whale is glued on the big gingerbread wave, thank you very much for your nice comment ❀️❀️❀️

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