Amish Star Quilt
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #31 (9-square cookie quilt)

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This is a beautiful set of cookies. I hope that this was a gift for someone special! I love how you made individual quilted sections of wet-on-wet on each of the nine cookies, and the contrast between the scribble rose sections and dotted flowers is wonderful. I am so glad @Annelise (Le bois meslé) brought this clip to my attention so that we could add it to the challenge!

Mrs. Edge's Edibles posted:

@Bakerloo Station a lot of thought and love was put into this set. It went to an extremely special person, my husband’s birthmother. We found her recently and this set and a lilac polka dot one are the first gifts that we’ve sent her. I love that it is appreciated by the cookie community too!

Oh, this is such an amazing story! Thank you so much for sharing it with us. Your work is so beautiful, but the love and gratefulness put into it goes far beyond! You are going to have the most special Christmas this year