Animal Tracks - The Culprits!
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #32

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So here are the critters that left tracks all over my newly-flooded cookies!

The animals are royal icing transfers, and I had initially used sanding sugar on this set as well - it tied the two together! - so when I understood it wasn't allowed, I very delicately and very painstakingly scraped of every particle of sanding sugar I could. I only broke off the roe deer's two hind legs and one of the wolf's paws, so not too bad considering how all those transfers were fragile, and managed to patch it up not too noticeably. The royal icing underneath kept some imprints of the sugar grains, which gives it some nice texture - part of the texture is also due to dabbing some icing over the parts where I wasn't able to scrape off some of the sugar.

Hope the entry qualifies!

I love how you tied these in with the footprints, or rather how you tied the footprints together with these cookies. Unbelievable that the animals are RI transfers!  Outstanding.