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I made the original set for an art reception at a nearby college. They were my first attempt at using my airbrush. They have been my favorite cookies of all the ones I’ve done. I knew exactly which ones I was going to update for this Challenge.  


In 3 years I have accumulated a lot of stencils. I feel I’m also better at using my airbrush and RI. I love embellishing stencils with piping. To me it adds a little spark. I did use some of the techniques from the last set but changed them up a bit with frosting and stencil color. I even snuck in a wet-on-wet. You will notice that I used a lot of different cookie cutters. Plaques are my β€œgo to” shape. All I had were squares and rounds for the first set. . I was very limited in what I had available to use three years ago. I’ve accumulated cutters, too!! I have one whole container of just snowflakes…why not use them!!

This time I went outside my comfort zone and chose warm colors rather than cool colors for the theme. The colors I used were burgundy with red added, peach with red added, and holiday red (which is more of a warm red). It felt strange using warm colors for a cool snowflake theme. I made the minis the bold colors.  Layering stencils is an awesome technique. I really like how they turned out. 

When it came time for pics, I had enough cookies for two very different platters. This one is more casual with a cup of cocoa and word plaques. Still the same techniques but a very different feel. 

I made these cookies just for this Challenge, but my daughter will get them to take to the office as her birthday treat.



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Classic.Cookies by Parr posted:

These look great. I don't know why but the food writing pens rarely appeal to me. I do like the stenciled writing. I have tried the food writers but didn't like it on my own cookies. I used a toothpick to go over the writing and liked it. I love the "let it snow" cookie in the center below. Both sets are very nice.

I'm not very good at writing either...I'd much rather stencil.  I keep working at it though.  Will use a food writer for details though.  Glad you like them.  --Katy

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