Baby Wafer
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #22

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I can talk a lot about what went wrong with my attempt at this challenge, but true to myself I'm submitting my entries (yes, there are more to come ) at the last minute again To cut it short, I totally messed up the RI and didn't have time to do everything for the 3-rd time  

I used wafer paper for the ruffles and the bow of the onesies, the carriages and I put wafer paper plunger cutouts to add little details. Like for ex. the labels on the baby bottles with the due dates (my girl's due date was 01.03. - she is borh February 19, my boy's due date was 11.05. - he is born on April 21)
I also made a heart shaped wafer paper honeycomb by sticking a lot of wafer paper hearts together vertically. The most difficult part was to put the bow knot on place. It is also made of wafer paper and in took me ages to assemble it
Bakerloo Station posted:

This is a lovely example of less is more.  The little wafer paper details here and there are wonderful.  I would love to know what you did to soften your wafer paper to make the skirt ruffles, so do tell!

Thank you, Christine! I used a steamer I got from amazon warehouse at a very good price just a few days before you announced the I already knew, strange, isn't it?! It wasn't easy to achieve this result, because I almost burnt my fingers several times, but it was worth it