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At long last, this week I’m showing how to make all the teeny edible embellishments that decked out my “Live Sweetly” bakery-themed cookies posted two weeks ago! I’ve got mini French breads modeled with royal icing “putty”; piped royal icing pies, macarons, Challah breads, and croissants; fondant rolling pins; and more! Basically, there’s lots of sweetness headed your way, so please view on! All links below!

Complete video tutorial (embellishments): https://youtu.be/3oOF8CzeKH4 (and also above, of course!)
Complete “Live Sweetly” companion video (bakery-themed cookies with embellishments): https://youtu.be/IEGR9lMzBFU 

Cookies Fantastique by Carol posted:

Love these embellishments, Julia @Julia M. Usher!! They're just adorable, super creative and perfect for adding dimension, interest and variety to any cookie .

Thank you once again for making these videos for us little cookiers!! The are incredibly informative and help to make the designs stand out above the crowd ❤️.

Thanks so much, Carol. You are always SO sweet!