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Many many thanks to all for the comments! It gives me motivations to create more cookie art οΏ½οΏ½
Originally Posted by Yvie:


by far the most beautiful ballerina cookie I have seen (and I have seen A LOT).  I have seen a print time and time again similar to this and thought long and hard on how to cookify it...well here you go!  Perfetion.  This is pure art.  And this is your first time using wafer paper?  No WAY!  kuddos 


Originally Posted by La abuelita de las galletas:


Beautiful original cookie !!!I sound like a fantastic idea which the dancer is painted and dressed in 3D and projecting cookie. An original idea I apalaudo


Originally Posted by Sarabella:


Absolutely lovely.


Originally Posted by Magadiuz:


Perfection and elegance


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