Bas Relief Style

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knwalter posted:

Did you taste one or is this just for show.  I'm wondering how all the dark and gold icing will make the cookie taste?

I haven't eaten this particular cookie yet (I will taste it later today and let you know), but I've eaten cookies done in all black fondant and gold dust before, and they've tasted the same as any other cookie I've made. The only place that might be a little too much is the top left hand corner, because that large rose is quite thick, but other than that, I don't foresee a problem taste wise. But I'll let you know

@knwalter, I just ate some of the cookie and it tasted good. The only part I pulled off was that large rose. I've never found black fondant to have a different taste to any other, and I don't notice a taste difference when using dusts. Have you had trouble in the past? 

@Ashlee McCabe, I've never done a cookie with that much dark icing.  It's an absolutely gorgeous cookie.  Don't know what or who you made them for, but since it tastes good too, they should be thrilled to no end.  Just stunning work!  Thanks for getting back to me!