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This was such a fun challenge. As soon as I saw the brush embroidery focus I imediatly thought of Betta Fish. I searched images on Google and found endless photos of these  beautiful fish with flowing tails. My favorites were the ones photographed on black backgrounds, it made the fish pop out really nicely and you can see all the folds and curves of the tails. They also come in any color combination you can imagine. I spent hours drawing them but I think brush embroidery captures the texture really nice. I used a fairly stiff consistency, almost no additional water added. Then layered colors in rows and pulled through them. I wanted them to blend. I went back over the top and used dots to add white highlights. I also used two brushes, one was a stiff round and the other was a stiff flat. Originally I had tried doing the scales on the body as well with brush embroidery but it didn't turn out so I covered it in the end. I already have ideas for cleaning up the detail and technique. Thank you so much for this idea, it was so much fun.


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  • Plan and Prep for Betta Fish: Concept art and preparation

This is such a creative entry. Your cookie shapes really lend themselves perfectly the design. I love the way you blened your colors together - you definitely have an artistic eye. And I would agree that brush embroidery captures the texture beautifully. Wonderful work.

Thank you so much. It was a fun little project and I enjoyed making them.

@Manu posted:

So beautiful and colorful! I had a blue Betta fish called Blue and I could watch him hours.

I watched clips of them for hours too. I just love how majestic they look. If I didn't travel and move so often I would definitely get one of my own. 😍