Monet cookies set

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What a clever idea! Welcome to the site!


I've been enjoying seeing all your lovely cookies posted here!


Though I just noticed that your images are all titled with wacky photo numbers from your camera, and aren't cataloged into clip sets or tagged. I thought you would want to read these tips for making your photos more visible/discoverable on the site. It's important to give them descriptive titles and to catalog them in clip sets (and tag them) if you want people and search engines to easily find them later.


Read how: http://cookieconnection.juliau...ater-discoverability


I hope this helps! Keep up the lovely work!


P.S. I reclassified this photo as "Flower Cookies" and "Fondant-Covered Cookies", and tagged it as well, but feel free to reclassify and to edit the others you've already uploaded.