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Blue Star | Sweet Prodigy

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I saw some beautiful bowls online that were carved of wood and clay and wanted to create my own "carved" bowl because I really appreciate the architecture of it all. To create this piece I used a very stiff icing. The "sketch" done in white icing is the exact same piping sequence as the one done on the cookie, but with the pattern continued to the end. Very interesting to see how different icing consistencies can produce very different outcomes!

There are not a lot of lines on this cookie but it took me an entire day as I had to pipe very slowly to make sure everything lined up perfectly from all angles. Also, I had to use my scribe to very gently move the lines when it didn't. This was my third attempt as the first two were "learning cookies."


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  • Blue Star 2 | Sweet Prodigy
  • Blue Star 3 | Sweet Prodigy
  • Blue Star 4 | Sweet Prodigy
  • Blue Star 5 | Sweet Prodigy
  • Blue Star "Sketch" | Sweet Prodigy
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Petra Florean posted:

Oh my God !!! CanCa believe it what have you done!!! SPECTACULAR, INCREDIBLE    

Petra Florean posted:

Still watching at your  incredible creation with open mouth .... You are moving in different  levels  different dimensions on different frequency.You are a royal icing architect😍😍😘😘

Love it!! 

Thank you so much Petra @Petra Florean! It's all about learning and challenging onself! β€οΈ

carouselselsel posted:
Sweet Prodigy - Christine posted:
carouselselsel posted:

WOW, Chistine, what you did is a miracle!!! Amazig piese of cookie, art and architectire! Respect!

Thanks Zara @carouselselsel! Will you give it a try? 

To be honest, my hands are itchy, this is so amazing, but I'm afraid I can't be that perfect. I'll practice with some cross-stitch cookies first.

I have lots of cookies that are not perfect...eventually I get it right. And then I post - having learned tremendously. 

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