Box with Christmas Balls
Practice Bakes Perfect Challenge #19

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This is my box of Xmas tree balls. I wanted them to be smoother, but now they have this rustic look... I used two size ball molds and different Xmas ornaments embossers. I used wafer paper to replace the real paper in the box. I used silver luster dust to enhance the embossers and then I sprayed the box with a light pink luster spray (Not very much noticable on the pic). I painted the balls with metallic food paint.



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Bakerloo Station posted:

This entry was worth the wait!  I am glad you entered in the nick of time!  This is really brilliant.  What a wonderful theme. Your use of wafer paper was genius, as was the metallic paint for the balls.  Fabulous!

Thank you again! It was really in the nick of time, so happy I made it! Not as perfect as I wish it was, still so much to learn...and practice, practice, practice! Thank you for the great challenge again!

Ryoko ~Cookie Ave. posted:

You made two entries!  Wow, Zara.  I love this one.  Very different, very unique and very Christmas!  

Thank you, Ryoko! Had to finish it off today after work, but at that time it is already dark...So I decided I shall give those lovely Xmas lights a try...and this Christmasy picture came out of the closet

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