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May 5th is Children’s Day (Boys’ Day) in Japan.  


I made Girls’ Day cookie before so this time I made one for Boys’ Day.

My Girls’ Day cookie : https://cookieconnection.julia...p/girls-day-in-japan

This cookie is based on a fairy tale called Kintaro.  Kintaro is a boy who is very kind to his mother and extremely strong.  His friends are all kinds of animals and Kintaro is even stronger than a bear.  Chinese character on his red cloth is β€œStrong”, normally it has his name on but I changed it. 

The story in English is here:

Since he is a very strong and kind boy and he gets on in life , the Kintaro Doll is displayed at many places in Japan for Boys’ Day. 

Kintaro always carries the ax with him not to hurt anybody but to cut trees.  Instead of an ax, I gave him a little present.  When he became a really good friend of a bear, he might have wanted to take a selfie with a bear.  Enjoy your day!  



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